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5 Best Fact of PUBG Mobile.


PUBG which is the best game in the world and is a very good game. A lot of people play it. There are hardly any people who would not know about pubg. But you will be able to play this game only when you come to play this game. Because inside this game you can also play single and add a friend. If the game is most popular, then it will tell you some facts about the game so that you understand. So read this article carefully and you will be able to understand only when you are last.

PUBG Facts1.

There was no underground area in the PUBG game starts. A few months after the game launch, he added to the game. Brendan Greene used to create a brendan underground area in the game when he worked in Delta Force game, then he also added the underground area in pubg. In PUBG game there is a mail message Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Whoever plays pubg game if he wins, then he gets some message in front of him.

which is the message Winner Winner Chicken Dinner Brendan used to work in the battleground games he worked on earlier. Messages used to come when in old times when he won a game with something or some other money, he used to eat chicken with that money, so the winning message of this game was Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.


Fact 2.

PUBG is the game’s most iconic weapon pen. When it was added to the first game, its serff used to kill app enemies with one hit. Even if you have a Level 3 helmet, you still get killed but it was later changed. Brendan Green’s favorite pen is because of the pen, you can avoid any gun bullet from behind you, if you learn to use the pen, then you can easily escape from the middle of the bullet.


PUBG had 2 million-copy sales within 2 months of its launch. In the 3 days of PUBG starting, 70 crore income was made. PUBG made it to the top five best selling games of the world in the 1st year. PUBG Mobile ranks No. 1 in Android Play Store’s top-grossing.


You must have seen, like other games, there is no add-in pubg game, so how does pubg make money? pubg is not free for mobile or PC or Xbox for free. The pubg earns by selling his game unit and sending royal passes and game items. The pubg had a 721 crore income in the month of February 2018.


Was the PUBG game named square instead of the blue zone circle? Because placing the square would make the player easier to understand and survive, the blue zone of the pub placed in the circle is an electric force field.

So I have told you about 5 such facts of PUBG, about which you probably will not be aware. So you must have understood about 5 such facts of pubg.

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