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Ramadan Mubarak’s culinary month.


The moon is visible from Friday evening; Mahe Ramadan mubarak will be inaugurated on Saturday, 25 April. Usually, the moon is seen walking in Muslim areas especially on the night of the night, the Taraweeh special prayers in the mosque began. After that, people give each other a hug as soon as the moon is seen. But this time due to the havoc of the coronavirus, people across the country have the status of the charity. Because of which no one is allowed to go out of the house. For this reason, people will stay in their house, they will offer Namaz in their house, mosque or you will not see the beauty in the area.

The month of Ramadan.

The month of Ramadan is of Rahmat Barkat and Magh Firat, in this month, Banda can go closer to Allah through his worship. In this month, Quran Pak became Nazir, pray a lot in this month. Help the poor and keep away from bad deeds.

It is a duty on every Muslim to keep fasting.

It is the duty of every girl child and man on the day of Ramadan. The real purpose of Roja is not that you keep only Roja. But you get 70 times of good faith in this month. Therefore, in this month, you should pray to Allah as much as you offer Namaz, read Quran Sharif.


In this Pak month you do not lie, do not fight and there are many other things that Allah does not like. You should not do all this in this month and help the poor as much as possible. And if you keep fasting, then prohibit the namaz, do not leave the namaz even for a time, and do as much prayer as Allah can.

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