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How to Get Titles in PUBG Mobile?


In today’s era, everyone must be playing pubg games. This game is a very famous and very good game. Many people play this game and pass their time enjoying it. To play this game you have to learn first, only then we will be able to play this game. Or there is an online game in which you can also play by adding your friends. But today I will tell you a method with which you can get very easy pubg titles. So if you want to know, then you read this article carefully and till the last, then let me start by explaining to you step by step. (How to Get Titles in PUBG Mobile)

Sharpshooter titles in PUBG.

To pick up the PUBG mobile titles you have to play a solo match. And you have to have a platinum 5 and then you have to kill at 500 meters distance. And that should also be a headshot. This is done, now the rules, we will tell you how you will do with AG method, then you reach platinum in the solo game of the first game. Then you use a minimal match. You went into that match last and should not be in the water. Then watch 2 or 3 offline play with you will come down. Then you have to find a gun and mark well and go to the 50-meter distance and from there all of you have to hit the headshot. After finishing the game you have to go to the lobby and then you have to collect your titles.

Titles Achievement PUBG Mobile.

For Pacific titles, you have to have chicken dinner in a classic solo match and that also means you have to have chicken dinner in a solo match without killing any enemy, then you will not believe it is easy but very difficult for those who do not know. is. When you start the match, you have to start the match in a classic solo. And to choose FPP KRJP. Because now the player who plays pubg mobile games plays all TPP Because in KRJP you will get only 30 to 40 real Banda, all the rest you will get the bot. Try once in all your maps.



Sunhoek will be the best because in the sun hook map you can hide in the grass and if you pick up the Gilli suit by going in one drop, you will be easy to win the match. Do not think that you will be in one go, but if you try 3 to 4 times then you will be. All you have to do is classic solo and start the match in the KRJP server by FPP. have to land at an unpopular place because the 25 real players who are there will land at the popular place, then you have to go towards the drop and pick up the helmet vest and wet suit. You have lots of medikit, painkillers, and lifting.

You can keep more than 5 smokes because all of you will settle but you can use smokes to save the last player. When an enemy surrounds you, then smoke around the last circle. Smoke and heal up to him. So you just have to stay hidden if you see the enemy, then you are silencing it, you have to think that we have to win this match by killing 0.

So if you follow all this step then you can get pubg mobile titles, then I have told you in full detail, then you follow this state.

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