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PUBG Mobile Latest Tips and Tricks.


In recent times, PUBG is moving ahead in the mobile world at a very high speed. You must have heard the name of PUBG. It is the most famous game in the world. This game has more than 100 million people downloaded. Playing PUBG is very easy but for that, there are some tips and tricks which you will have to learn only then you will be able to play pubg. Everyone plays PUBG but should also come to play properly, then I will tell you some tips and tricks of pubg with which you can become a pro player of pubg and you can play perfect pubg. Let me share some tips with you so that you understand and you can also become a pro player of pubg.

Smokes And Grenades PUBG tips.

We keep so many emmo in our bags that we are unable to carry smokes and grenades. Whenever you rush into a building, you have to use grenades. And whenever you have no option to cover, then at that time you can use smokes for your safety. A lot of people do not use it, let me tell you, in the last circle, you need this very important smokes, you can have a chicken dinner with this thing? So you keep at least two or three smokes in your bag.

Teammates PUBG tips.

And you know you can play this game with the team as well and can play it alone. Let me tell you that whenever you play pubg, you will play with your team, if you play with it, then you will have any problem. Will help Even if you get nock, he can help you to be alive. So always keep in mind that whenever you play pubg, play with your friends.


Training PUBG tips.

A training map was added in PUBG Mobile, in which you will find grenets, guns, smock, and many things inside it according to you. Just like you play pubg, you will get the same inside training. You will benefit from this that you can train inside the training and by that, you can become a pubg player. So if you want to play pubg, then it is very important for you to train first.

All Weapons.

PUBG Mobile has a lot of weapons, you have to know about all the weapons, whose damage is more recording time, etc. To know about which attachment is found in weapons and what is its work? You can find out everything by going to the All Training Map? And never keep more than 200 ammo because what do we do? If we put too much ammo in the bag, then our bag becomes full. That is why we are not able to keep anything more important. While we should have grenets, smoke, and everything else, you should go to the settings and set it in the pickup settings. How much emmo is required?

Customize Your Controls.

You can change the control settings of the pubg and its layout to what you already have, which means you can customize the button. Not every player can play the same way. The pubg person knows it well. So they have also given the option to change the button. To change the layout of PUBG Mobile according to you, first of all, click on Settings and click on Control and customize, according to your meanings, you can set the pubg in the control.

So I shared 5 steps with you, if you follow these 5 steps then you can become a pro player pubg.

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