How to Solve Lag Problem in PUBG?

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Friends, you must be playing pubg, there will be many people who will play pubg. There are hardly any people who will not play pubg. Because it is a very popular game and very good. So people like it a lot, in this game you can play with a friend and also play alone. So you need to have a good mobile and 4G mobile to play pubg. If you do not have a good phone and you play pubg, then your mobile lag. Today I will tell you about this, with this method your mobile will never lag and you can play pubg comfortably. So you will get this article till the last and if you study carefully then you will understand. (PUBG Mobile Lag Fix)

How to fix lag problems?

First of all, you know what is the problem of high ping? If you play pubg, if you go to a house, you would go out on your own and if you drive, your car will stop and there will be many such problems. If the ping is more then your game will like you will not be able to play the game properly.

Use a VPN.

If you do not have any option to use WiFi and do not have any extra phone, then you will get a VPN in the Play Store, from there you can download, you will get two types of BPL, a Paid version and one without paid. Version, you will download the app without the paid version.


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If you have any wifi or someone’s mobile, then you can turn on the hotspot from there and connect to your mobile and play pubg, then you will not have a ping problem and will not even do the game lag.

UU Game Booster.

If you use this app, then your 100% game will not be smooth. You can download this app by going to the play store. After you sign in, after that you play this game on any mobile, then your game will run like a rocket. And you can get the benefit that you can play the game easily and kill anyone. Your game will not lag at all.

Background Apps.

Turn off the data connection of your other app. Because when you play pubg mobile by turning on the data, then at the same time and if anyone uses the data, then your ping will be high. Go to the play store and download the app data because this app will prevent your background from using your data. If you use it, then your ping will not be high.

So I have told you that if you follow this step, your mobile phone will not do your leg and you can easily play the game.

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