It can become the best player in pubg in 5 ways.
It can become the best player in pubg in 5 ways.

Pubg is becoming more and more famous day by day in India. So you must have known about pubg, there will hardly be any people who will not know about pubg. But if you play pubg, then you have to learn to play pubg first, only then you can become the best player pubg. So if you do not know how to play pubg then I will tell you how you can become the best player in pubg as I will tell you, then you can definitely become the best player in pubg. That’s why I explain to you step by step so that you understand. (PUBG Tips)

Where are you falling?

It is worth noting that 70 percent of the deaths in the military base is from windows or hiding places. Getting on top of the building can be beneficial for you because it gives you good access to weapons. As soon as you get weapons, take them to the window and see how many of your friends are in the open. There is a lot of open space in the military base as compared to other landing spots so that the enemy can easily spot you.

Stay in the cover.

If you will walk with cover, you can always avoid danger. And no enemy can kill you with this. Always go according to the cushion because you do not know when someone’s eye is on you. If you move around you will get a lot of missions behind which you can hide. And if you hide behind the main door, you will get a lot of options. But it should also be kept in mind that you do not have a weapon in your hand here, because from here your rifle starts showing some parts. So keep that in mind.


Do not be alone.

Even if you do not have a team, it is good to use the interactivity you get while learning. You get a lot of advantages when you finish a military base. And when you are jumping down from the roof, at that time also you can take the support of the team, it can help you.

Keep on hiding.

You can take advantage of the device built in the wall to attack stealthily, in addition to peeping inside the room with the help of the wall. By doing this, you can go ahead and shoot and kill the enemy. And as soon as the door opens, it goes up to find out where the enemy is hiding, then you can go inside the room and shoot.


There are many ways to enter the building, the first way is to go through the roof, but in doing this, you have to find a place to hide immediately as soon as you reach the roof. If you do not want to enter the house directly from outside, then it is better to resort to bushes. By doing this you will get a good cover, but you have to take special care to be very cautious while going in through the door. You can also enter through the path of the window. To do this, it is better to jump from the roof to the balcony immediately. And sneaking in through the window in this way can avoid the enemy. Because you would not expect that someone could enter through the window.

So I have told you PUBG Tips. With the help of which you can become a pro player of pubg, if you follow my step then you can become a very good player.

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