Instagram Introduces New Redesigned
Instagram Introduces New Redesigned

Friends, you must have heard about Instagram. This is a very popular social media. Many people share their photo videos on Instagram. There are many things that you can do on Instagram. And you can also earn money from Instagram. You are your friend or a lot of people who use Instagram to stay connected. Continuously rolling out several features in the Instagram app such as reels and others. The Instagram app features a home screen layout to accommodate all features. Instagram Introduces New Redesigned Home Screen.

Instagram has redesigned upload and exchange of activity tabs for redesigned home screen reels and shop tabs. Today I am going to tell you something new about Instagram. if you want to know. Instagram Introduces New Redesigned Home Screen. So read this article carefully and read it for lakhs. Because today I will tell you about Instagram in full detail step by step. So that you also understand and you can also share it with your friends.

Instagram Introduces New Home Screen For Reels And Shop.

You will get to see the Instagram home screen in a new form. Now we will see many differences between the current and new home screen. No On the home screen, you will see a new tab for the shop. In the first place, the Explore tabs have been changed in the navigation bar on Instagram.

But now it changes the status of upload and activity tabs on the new home screen. Now you will find the activity like, comment, and followers showing tabs and upload Tab on the top of the right next of the message icon. the company targets the rails the Tik Tok competitors to show on the front and Center place to get more attention also the Explorer tab gets back to its original place.

Instagram said in an official blog post that we are making Reels Tab a platform of sorts, a place where people can share their creativity with the world and get a chance to get to know the audience.

So I have told you in full detail about the Instagram new update. So I hope You must have understood.


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