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How to become the best player in PUBG?


Friends, in today’s article we will talk about how you can become a pro player of pubg? So about this, we will give you such tips with the help of which you can become a pro player of pubg. All of you will be such a man, who must have known about pubg, pubg is a very big game in the world. You have to become a pro player to play pubg, only then you can have chicken dinner, there are some tips and tricks for this, which I will tell you, if you follow that thing then you will become a pro player of pubg. So if you read this article till the last, then you begin to understand. (pubg mobile tips)

Use good quality headphones.

Friends, while playing pubg, you need to know where the enemy is. So for this, you must use good quality headphones with the help of which you can easily find out where the enemy is. You can benefit from using the good quality headphone if you have been given the feature of 3D sound effects inside the pubg game, then you can take advantage of this thing. Then using the phone, you will know the exact location of the enemy where the enemy is killing. And with headphones, you can also listen to the voice of the person, that if the person comes to you, you can hear his / her sound. So be sure to use headphones while playing pubg.

Use Peek Fire.

By using Peek Fire, you will benefit in that you can kill the enemy without seeing your whole body. There is also an advantage here that the Enemy will find it very difficult to suit. And that can’t kill you. By using Peek fire, the enemy will not be able to see you, you can kill it easily. One thing you will benefit from using Peak Fire is that you will be in the Always Cover so that the anime will have trouble shooting you if you are shooting home. From inside you are always using peek and fire.


Do not remain open.

It is very important that if you are in the open then you stay behind a stone or tree, it will benefit you to cover the stone or tree. If an enemy is killing you then you can avoid it. If your health is reduced then you can get help by covering. And If you remain in the open then you can be any pro player but will kill you, the enemy. So you should always keep in mind that whenever you play pubg, you should always be on the cover, not in the open.

So if you play pubg, then keep in mind all this, if you keep this in mind then you can become a pro player of pubg.

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