How to get a Rename card for free in PUBG Mobile
How to get a Rename card for free in PUBG Mobile

Friends, you play PUBG but do you know how you can get a rename card for free? If you do not know about this, today I will tell you about this in this article, let me explain step by step so that you understand and you too do this work. If we install a first-time pub, then we keep some names. But when we have to change the name in our pubg, our rename card is required for that. We get 1 or 2 Rename cards from PUBG Mobile. If you want a rename card, then I will tell you such tips with which you can get an unlimited rename card. How to change name in pubg mobile

How to take a rename card for free?

The first method in the chat room In this method you have to enter a chat room. In this you will get only one rename card, this method is very easy. You have to go to your progress mission. You will have a level in the Progress Mission and you have to collect coins. In Levels, you will get some cards but collecting rename cards is a bit difficult. The Rename card will be in your 10 levels, as many labels will be there and the mission of the level is to collect and complete you. Keep in mind that if you have completed the submission, you will get the rename card in level 10 only after completing level 9.

If you will have a mission in level 9 in the inter chat room, then you have to click on Go then you score down from the left. In the last, you will get a home-like icon, click in it, create a chat room by giving a name and make a message in it. Then you go to progress mission and check whether your mission is completed or not?

How To Get Unlimited Rename card?

If you want to collect as many rename cards as you want for free, you can do so with 1 method. You have to sign up in the crew challenge for that to be inter-crewed. It is very easy then you have to inter with your escort when the crew challenge is going on. You will get as many points as you play a crew challenge with a member. When you have 200 points, you can go to the shop and buy a rename card. According to the play, you will get a match in a day, now you will get a point on top of the game, you can go to the shop and buy a rename card. From a very easy method.

If you follow this step, you will get a rename card for free. That too absolutely for free, so follow this step and take the rename card for free.

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