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How to Rank Push in PUBG Mobile?


Friends, you must have heard the name of the pubg, there will hardly be anyone who will not hear the name of the pubg. The game which is a famous game in the world, a lot of people use it and play it because it is a very good game. To play this game, first, you need to learn. And you can also play with your friends inside the pubg and play alone as well. Many games have come and gone but this game which became famous is not as much a game. (PUBG Rank)

What is pubg mobile rank push?

If you survive for a long time in a pubg game, you get a few points for each game based on the same, you collect and call it rank.

How to do Rank Push?

There are 5 steps for each rank. Suppose you are on Gold 1 and push the rank then, first of all, you will move to platinum, 5, platinum4, platinum3, platinum2, platinum, 1, or diamonds, in this way the rank push occurs. See, I tell you, the biggest reward is to push rank. There are good rewards above each rank of pubg. Such as gun skin, outfit backpack skin, vehicle skin, etc. To get all these rewards, you have to play 5 games by going to that rank, then after that, you get those rewards.



The biggest purpose of some people to push the rank is to take the titles of that session. Right now pubg gives the titles of each session ace and conqueror means when someone goes up to the rank of ace or conqueror then he gets one of the names of the session like session 10 ace, session 12 conqueror gets such titles then some people This is how the rank pushes.


Some people increase the rank up to ace tier for their hobby which means they are fond of going to ace. So he pushes the rank of ace tier to complete his hobby.

People would do rank push for this, if you also want to do rank push then you can do what I told you, you must have understood and you can push your rank.

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