Instagram Reels 10-Minute Videos
Instagram Reels 10-Minute Videos

Social media has taken the industry to the next level in the evolving tech era. One of the famous social media platforms, Instagram, has recently moved. In their recent development, Instagram reels may soon allow 10-minute videos.

Rumor is that Instagram which allows only 1 minute videos will now let users enjoy 10 minutes lengthy videos.

While there is no official announcement from the parent company Meta, this news getting a lot of buzz.


In this complete article guide, we will discuss this rumor or new feature that Instagram is going to release soon.

A Glimpse into the Future of Instagram Reels

The tech world is getting a buzz with excitement as Instagram shifted to longer videos from shorter reel videos.

This exciting feature was uncovered by developer Alessandro Paluzzi, who shared screenshots of the Reels app interface, revealing an intriguing twist.

Users will soon be allowed to upload 3-minute or even 10-minute videos on Instagram reels.

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Instagram’s Bold Move

If this experiment is successful, Instagram will be broader and more prominent on the social media landscape.

While Instagram is the main competitor of TikTok as it offers shorter videos, if would serves 10-minute videos, Instagram will enter into the YouTube territory.

While all platforms are targeting to educate or entertain users through shorter content, Instagram is aiming differently and is a bit intriguing.

Why Longer Reels Videos Matter

The main question that comes to our mind while knowing about Instagram’s move is, why does Instagram aim to serve long-form videos?

The answer will screw you, still, Instagram is aiming to get a bigger creator pool to attract their audience to the Instagram platform.

It’s not just about competing; it’s about thriving in a competitive landscape.


While Meta always aims to serve a great user experience by dropping groundbreaking features one after one, this move seems to be a little puzzling.

Instagram has always been our central platform to consume short video content after YouTube shorts, now it is turning into a long-form video platform.

What do you feel about Instagram reels that may soon allow 10-minute videos? Do let us know in the comment below.



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