PUBG Lite New Tips And Tricks.
PUBG Lite New Tips And Tricks.

Friends, you must all know about pubg. PUBG which is the most famous game in the world. This is a game that people like very much and a lot of people play it too. The PUBG Lite game was launched only a few months after the launch of PUBG. Because a lot of people do not play pubg because pubg is too much MB but PUBG Lite is very less MB, so people use PUBG Lite. If you play this game, then you have brought some tips and tricks that will be of great benefit to you if you learn these tips and tricks. So in this article, I will explain to you step by step. So you should read this article carefully and read it till the last. PUBG Lite New Tips And Tricks.

Always take care of the magazine.

For any location drop, first of all, you should take care of the gun. If you do not have a bullet in your gun, you should always keep the bullet flower. If you finish the game with a different gun, can it be called a smart move? Always keep in mind that if your bullet is over, then you cover and keep the bullet full. It will benefit from this that no one will kill you and you will kill him. If you do not do this work then you can be proved wrong.

Sneak attack.

Using the Gilli suit in the last June would be great if you use the Gilli suit, you can secretly kill a fellow. Because there is nothing to cover in the last June, if you have a Gilli suit then you will be very helpful, you can hide anywhere. So you always keep this thing in mind. I have given you information about PUBG Lite, so if you read this article carefully then you will understand that you can play PUBG Lite in this way.

Use landing.

When a player lands in a game his first objective is to find only one weapon and cover enough. There are a few ways to optimize this entire process. It starts with a parachute jump. If a player wants to land at a location first then this drop must be exactly right. The player should drop his target from 600 meters to 800 meters. This can be achieved using the down directional button.

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