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How to get UC for free in PUBG Mobile?


Friends, everyone will play pubg so many people are crazy about pubg. There will probably be someone who does not play pubg mobile games. Pubg is the most famous game in the whole world And if you play this game, then you have to learn first. So if you play this game then you should have good RP. Good RP will cost you money. And if you do not have money, then you can take it for free, so I will tell you today in this article that how you can take the pass for Royal Pass for free, let’s start by telling you to step by step that you understood And you also have it nearby. (How to get free UC in PUBG Mobile)

Free Royal pass.

1. There is a free pass in which you get limited emojis, some special skins are also not available in this pass, but with this free pass, you can definitely enjoy the game.

2. Elite Royal pass in Pubg mobile, everyone wants to buy it because in this you get some special emojis, skin, dress and also specials. Whatever special Chase Illite Royal Passes get, it is not with the Free Royal Passes, so every gamer wants to take it.


It can be bought at two different prices.

The first price is 600 UC Cash. By taking this royal pass, royal can increase your RP by completing all the missions nearby. In which you can also get pubg UC Cash up to some limited. The second one is Elite pass, in this, you get a lot of UC Cash, Emojis, Gun skins, and a flashing RP tag along with every single emoji from the pubg. Is it worth 1800 UC cash?

The cost of 600 PUBG virtual cash UC is 800.

The price of 180p Publish Virtual cash UC is 2100.

Does UC get in free?

The answer is that you can get UC for absolutely free. There are two ways. But you have to give time in both ways, then you will be able to take it to UC Free.

1 Step.

You can convert Publish’s virtual cache to UC by earning Battle coins from Battleground. The answer is the 4 box icon from the right side of the game starts. Where you get to see many challenges. For every channel entry, there are fees for some battle coin button buttons. You get a chance of about 3000 to 6000 Battle Coins on the match or match.

2. Step.

In the right way, you must have heard about Google Opinion Rewards, which is the same product of Google, in which every day you get some surveys, you get about 10 to 20 rupees by commenting so that you can buy UC for free. Can.

Whenever you go for a walk to get more than half the survey. So keep your mobile’s GPS on so that Google can know which location you have visited? Surveys related to that location will be seen in your Google Opinion Rewards only in some, by which you can buy UC from Google’s virtual cache by completing it.

I told you how you can take UC in pubg for free, then you will follow this step, you will get UC in pubg for free.

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