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10 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips in 2023


WhatsApp is a messaging app that gained popularity, with 2 billion active users using it and accepting it part of their life. This application allows users to chat, video chat, or call for free. One can even share their videos and photos through the same. Being rich in features, WhatsApp has slowly taken over the world and has become a big part of our life. It is completely handy.

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Now, this remains known to the world about the application, but generally, what we do not notice upon is that plenty of tricks which is provided here on WhatsApp and which allow us to use its features of it in a highly convenient manner to make it much more effective and workable.


So, if you are one such person who has been looking forward to the tips and tricks that you can continue to enjoy through WhatsApp in a completely free manner, this article is for you. You can continue reading ahead to understand it better and then use the same in your day-to-day life.

10 Best WhatsApp Tricks & Tips 2023

So now that you have joined WhatsApp, use this time to use some of the amazing features of the application. Certain tips that will help you make the best of the same have been discussed below. Make sure you use it for giving a boost to the security and the privacy while enjoying the customization features that come along with it.

  1. Sending Disappearing Messages

Disappearing messages are the messages which automatically delete after a time period. In this way, you do not have to worry if the message will be saved or forwarded with no knowledge of yours.

You will find the option- to disappear after 24 hours, 7 days and the 90 days offered by WhatsApp. The same can be turned on for certain conversations with people of your choice. However, remember that a preview of the given message will remain viewable within the notification panel until the application is opened, even after the time has lapsed for a given period of the message.

Disappearing messages can be activated by clicking on the contact’s name in WhatsApp and then selecting the option of disappearing messages and preferred duration. You will receive a notification after the feature has been activated.

  1. Customization of Chat Wallpaper

If you are willing to have a pretty aesthetic for WhatsApp chat, change the wallpaper for all chat or for specific people chat. The user gets the option to choose in between light or the dark mode wallpapers, and the same can be activated by clicking on Settings, selecting Chats and then choosing wallpaper.

For changing the wallpaper entirely, click on the option Change. Once the selection has been made, click on the option Set Wallpaper. For specific chat wallpaper changes, the same can be done through the three vertical dots available in the chat room itself.

  1. Using Google Assistant for sending messages

If you have set Google Assistant on your Android phone, the same can be used for sending messages without opening the application. Just say hey Google, and then send a message to the contact name. Next, choose WhatsApp from the application displayed and narrate the message which is to be sent. Before sharing the message, Google Assistant will make the repetition of the message.

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  1. Backing WhatsApp on Cloud Storage

One can backup both media files and chat on preferred cloud storage. Android users can do the same on Google Drive, and IOS users can do the same on iCloud. Just visit settings, click on chat and then select chat backup. Make sure the account is linked to your WhatsApp for auto-backup or for manual backup.

  1. Keeping track of who read your personal message in the group messages

When being a part of a large active group, the user definitely wants to see who read the message and who did not. You can do it by opening the group chat, selecting and holding the sent message you wish to check and then clicking on the option information and see whether the message has been delivered, seen or has been played.

  1. Using strike-through, bold or italics in messages

You can increase the emphasis on your words by either using strike-through, bold or italic options. If you wish to make a given word in the bold just asterisk on either end of the given word which is being typed. If the word is to be made italics, just add an underscore on either of the message sides and add a tilde on one end of the message for strike-through of the word.

  1. Replying privately to group chat message

In a group, if you are unable to talk about something, you can have a private one on one chart easily. Just press hold message in the group chat and click on more, and then select reply privately. It will open a private chat option in the text box below. In Android phones, press and hold the message and click on three dots which will be provided in the right side corner and then click on the reply privately option.

  1. Customization of stickers

The users of WhatsApp can download sticker packs which are available, or they can even create their own stickers with the use of third-party applications or the developer software. Just make sure that you are compliant with the requirements.

If you want to add the sticker to the favourite, you can do the same and find it in recent for saving some time.

  1. Sending location to the contact

You can send the location of yours to a friend using WhatsApp. Just open the chat, click on attach and then location. If you are willing to send the static location, click on the option send your current location but if you want to share the live location, click on the option share live location and then select the amount of the time for which you wish to share your location. Once done, click on the option send.

  1. Pinning Chats to the Homepage

In case if there is any specific contact you speak frequently, the chat can be pinned to the homepage. You can do it for up to three contacts, so make the choice wisely.

In order to pin, just swipe right on chat in case of iPhone and click on the option pin icon. In the case of Android, select and then hold the chart which you wish to pin and then tap on the option pin chat icon that is provided on the action bar.

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Final Words

So now that you are aware of 10 amazing tips and tricks that can be used by you when you are using WhatsApp take complete advantage of it. All of this is completely secure, free and convenient. If there is any specific trick of WhatsApp that not most people are aware of it, you can share the same with us, and we will try to include it for our readers to help them the main aware of the best features provided by the messaging application. As for the rest, enjoy your time with the use of WhatsApp.




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