How to Download PTRC Challan Online?
How to Download PTRC Challan Online?

Digital India, as an initiative taken by the Indian government to provide the online services related to the documents, is quite a success. The entire movement has eased up the process and helped in saving time. With the help of it, now anyone can access such services by sitting anywhere and at any time. One doesn’t need to pay a visit to the government offices repeatedly; after all, the entire process related to a government document, it can be done online.

In regards to the above, there are various services that one can avail online, and in this given article, our focus is on discussing one such service (document-related), i.e., Professional Tax Registration Certificate or PTRC challan. It will provide complete information regarding it. So, go ahead and continue the read to understand further and better.

PTRC Challan- About

PTRC Challan, or Professional Tax Registration Certificate, is a document issued to the professionals of India, including lawyers, business owners, doctors, etc., apart from the self-employed individuals. It allows them to run the business and practice their profession.


In India, there are different taxes that we pay to the government, and professional tax is one of them. It’s levied by the state government. The amount of it varies from one state to another, and it’s collected from the individuals who earn a certain income (salary exceeding INR 7501 for men and INR 10,001 for women) through their employers, who are required to deduct this amount and remit the same to the government on behalf of the employees. They get 30 days from the date this tax is due to submit a PTRC application, and if they do not, several penalties get imposed on the employer. The amount that’s accumulated as part of the professional tax is used for state development.

As a part of the last step to make PTRC Payment online, the PRTC challan is provided. It is used for making the payment of the amount at the authorized banks before the due date. It is also required further by anyone who is required to file a professional tax return. The best is that now, this PTRC Challan can be downloaded online. This decision has made the lives of the people much easier. However, when it comes to downloading it, we are not all aware of how to do the same, and in this article, you will get all such information for sure. Just follow this guide and do as asked.

Making PTRC Payment Online- How to do it?

In order to make the payment, follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Visit the official portal of the Department of Goods and Services Tax of the Government of Maharashtra-
  • Next, click on the e-Payments option.
  • Select e-Payment-Returns and enter the TIN Number for logging in and click Next.
  • After logging in, one can see on screen the MTR Form No. 6 therein. It includes all the information of yours along with the TIN. Make sure you fill in all the asked details precisely as once done, it can’t be changed, unless otherwise the submission has been made.
  • Then select Monthly/Annual Payment scheduled based on the Tax Liability.
  • In case the tax is being paid on behalf of the employees, then Form ID- VIII is to be used. But if it doesn’t apply to you, then select the option Other. Next, from the drop-down menu, select the relevant remark.
  • Submit the form. There will be provided the GRN or Government Request Number.
  • Click on the option Pay for finishing the transaction of Professional Tax.
  • Save the receipt after the successful transaction.

Downloading PTRC Challan & PDF Receipt

After the PTRC challan payment is made, the PDF receipt can be downloaded. Just enter tax details along with GRN generated during the payment. After the payment, the payer gets redirected to the portal & cyber receipt gets generated for PTRC. The receipt remains valid for all the proof and the communication that’s related to the professional tax.

Once the payment is made, you can follow the below-mentioned steps to download the challan.

  • Go to Government Receipt Account System or GRAS official portal.
  • Look for Search Challan Column and click on it.
  • A new window will open right in front of you.
  • Click Search Challan for Sales Tax Department.
  • Select the office location from the menu list of MSTD locations.
  • Select a bank, enter the amount, provide the GRN number, and click Search.
  • There will be a visible GIN number, Payment Verification Status, and Party Name.
  • Click the GIN Number link to download the PTRC Challan Receipt.

Can Payment be Made Without PTRC Challan Download?

No, the PTRC Challan must be downloaded for making the Professional Tax payment in Maharashtra. This challan consists of the tax amount details along with the bank account in which payment is to be made. So, make sure you have it in hand to do the needful as soon as possible.

Making PTRC Challan Offline Payment- Can it be done?

One can make PTRC challan offline payment. For this, download the challan through the official portal of the Maharashtra government, take a printout, and through the designated bank, make the payment. Make sure the payment is made by the due date for avoiding the penalties or the legal issues. Further, keep the challan record for future reference.

Even though offline payment can be made, it is recommended to make online payment as it is convenient and faster, especially if one is located in some other city or even state. Remember that filling out PTRC challan and downloading it is an important step for professionals to ensure compliance with laws.

Final Words

With the article coming to an end, it is to be noted that the initiative taken by the government has improved professionals’ experience to a larger extent. It has made it easy for all to just focus on work instead of worrying about administrative and compliance procedures that are involved in tax payments.

Overall, the entire online process for download and payment of the tax is convenient, and we hope with the above-provided information, you were able to understand how to download the PTRC challan online. However, if you still have any queries, use our comment section, and we will try our best to resolve the issues. If now, be law compliant, always by doing needful on time.



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