Facebook Posts from an RSS Feed
Facebook Posts from an RSS Feed

Don’t know if you are aware, but the published articles in the regular content management system can be published as the instant articles automatically. It is quite helpful as it allows the readers to load up the content 10x faster and even share the same than what is done through the normal web page.

Further, it makes them happier, too; after all, they gain the access to the content easily. But for your information, the readers wouldn’t be able to see the email list forms or the sidebars. So, weigh the benefits as against the cons before you use this feature.

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There are many popular media sites that use the feature where they can make the Facebook posts from the RSS feed. If you are looking for who’s using the feature on your account, the lightning bolt icon, which you see, it is only provided on the instant articles that are shared on the Facebook feed. Further, if you want to use this feature, you will be required to have the use of an instant articles-specific RSS feed. If the articles remain available on the website, it is definitely possible.

Now previously, users used to make the RSS feed for the Facebook page by just finding out the unique numerical ID and then adding the same to Facebook feed URL’s end. But guess that feature is no longer supported by Facebook any more, and websites and tools which could find out the ID of the page,

they stopped working. It is accounting for the same that this article is prepared to provide you with the information about how you can make the Facebook posts from the RSS feeds. Read ahead to understand it all in a better manner.

Automated Publishing- How to Use it?

To use this feature, the first requirement will be to create the RSS feed. Know that this would be required to be new and completely separate from all other RSS feeds that you have been using. Further, the article must also be represented as the <item>.

Some other elements which would be necessary herein are

  • <title>, which provides the article’s headline.
  • <link>, offering a canonical URL for the article on the site.
  • <content: encoded>, the complete content of the article within the HTML form.
  • <description>, offering the plain text form of the article’s summary.
  • <guid>, the string which can provide the unique identifier for the article.

All of it will then be required for connecting the RSS feed to the Facebook page, and it can be done with the use of the Publishing Tools on the Facebook page. Moving ahead,

  • Click the publishing tools and then select the configuration.
  • Next, choose the Production RSS feed that is provided under the section Tools.
  • After the same gets approved, you will be able to activate the feed, and then all the new articles will appear automatically in the Instant Article form, which is once shared on the Page.
  • Next, verify that all is working correctly.
  • In Publishing Tools provided on the Facebook page, there will be visible some errors on the screen of RSS configuration, if there are any.
  • Just click on the Publishing Tools option and then select the Production Article provided under the Instant Articles for checking if all is populating correctly.

If you wish to troubleshoot the process, you can visit the RSS-Instant Articles Setup Page of Facebook.

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Posting RSS Feed on Facebook- How to do it?

There is the availability of free IFTTT services which allows the users to auto-post the RSS feed to the Facebook page. Right when it is identified by IFTTT that there is new content from the feed, the new post for Facebook gets built and then published for the users.

However, in order to do it all, the below-mentioned steps will be helpful.

  1. Create a free account on IFTTT if there isn’t one, or just sign in to the account.
  2. Next, select the “Create” option provided at the website’s top for starting the build-up of the new connection.
  3. Then select the option “If This” and search for and then choose the option “RSS Feed”.
  4. Now, if you haven’t used the RSS trigger before, you will be required to also select the button named Connect, which is to be selected.
  5. Next, pick the option “New Feed Item” for getting the post triggered with every single new content from RSS Feed.
  6. One can even choose the option “New feed item matches” if one wishes to create a Facebook post when the RSS feed item matches any particular phrase or the keyword.
  7. Next, enter the feed URL. In case you have selected option number 5, then there will be another box which will ask about the phrase or the keyword. Just type anything within the box that asks for the phrase or the keyword. Type in the box all that is needed to be contained within the feed item before a Facebook post gets created.
  8. Select the option “Create Trigger”. Next, choose Then That.
  9. Search and then select the option “Facebook Pages”.

If there is the option Connect, select the same too and then log in to the account of yours on Facebook to choose the page to which IFTTT has the access to.

Next, select, Create a Link Post. You will receive 3 options here. However, only one remains relevant to send RSS feed items to the Facebook posts.

In the Message text box, type whatever you wish to include along with the URL from the feed. There exist variables that can be selected, if the requirement is to make every post a little more relevant to the URL. To say if Add Ingredient is selected, one can pick EntryTitle for showing the title of the food item within the post. There also exist varied other options if one wishes to include the author’s name, the feed’s content or the date on which the content got published.

Take the time for confirming that the Facebook Pages Account menu, it shows the right page.

  1. Next, select Create Action and click Continue on the next page.
  2. Now rename Applet, if you are willing to and then enable notifications every time it continues to run. Once done, press Finish.

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Final Words

So, now that you are aware of how to make Facebook posts from the RSS feed, why not try it yourself? You will not just have a wider audience, but you also be able to bring forward an idea or an aspect that, who knows, will be the next best thing the world knows? Just keep moving forward. The time is right, and in this world where all run along with social media, it will be very helpful for sure.



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