4 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phones
4 Best Free Antivirus Apps for Android Phones

Living in an era wherein all the tasks almost get performed through the smartphones, it becomes quite important to have the software which can protect the personal information, including the financial details, passwords, etc., from getting mishandled by the scammers or the people who are ill-minded.

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Now, this is where the Antivirus software and apps come into use. Helping to detect, block, and also remove threats like malware, bloatware, viruses, etc., type from the device that could enter through the websites that are malicious or through apps or links, the app protects the device.


Apart from providing the security to the device from the virus, the software also offers the tool to find the device, just in case if there is theft or lock/format the device remotely or even browses the device security with the use of the VPN, etc. So, if you are one such individual who has been looking for the free antivirus app for the android phones, the below-mentioned might be the answer to your search. Read ahead to find more.

Malwares on Android- How to Check?

In case if you wish to check for the malware on the Android device, make sure you follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Play Store.
  • Next, open Menu. Click on the green icon that has the first letter of the Google account which is registered.
  • Then select the option Play Protect.
  • Choose the option Scan.
  • Once done, the Google Play Protect app will scan all of the apps downloaded on the device and will provide you with the needed results.

4 Best Free Antivirus for the Android Phones

  1. TotalAV Antivirus

This antivirus is best for the real-time cross-platform, antivirus protection. It is a phenomenal tool offering antivirus protection for a wide range of the devices which run on varied operating systems. It helps in facilitating the real-time protection and, while doing that, constantly monitors the executables, threat files, downloads, etc., which can cause the potential damage to the system.

Apart from the above, the application continues to update regularly and automatically for making sure that all the types of virus threats or malware can be eliminated. Further, the software allows the users for automating the protection of the system by ensuring to set up the scheduled scans. As for the rest,

  • The antivirus app is good for blocking the ads.
  • Eliminates the malware.
  • Offers real-time antivirus protection.
  • Detects the online threats.

Now, apart from such amazing features and better advantages, the antivirus tool is not only capable for protecting the android devices but also the other operating systems. So, in case if one wishes to use this free tool, it would allow them to perform the basic scans of the system.

It is highly recommended to get the premium plans for using the advanced features of it.

  1. Avira

Avira is another best antivirus for the Android devices that’s completely free to use. It helps in blocking the malicious websites and apps, protecting the privacy, and providing the free VPN for around 100 MB every day, etc. The antivirus comes with the paid options, too, and allows one to install the premium mobile apps, providing the users the VIP customer support, etc.

Apart from the above, the antivirus app offers,

  • Free VPN to surf 100 MB every day.
  • Lock apps with passwords on the phone.
  • The tools for helping one get back the phone, in case the same gets stolen.
  • Notifies one instantly if there is any kind of data breach.
  • Block the websites which look like a threat to the device.

Now, the verdict here is with the experience that the company has gained in the industry, there are 20 million+ worldwide users of the app. The app also has the best ratings on the Google Play Store.

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  1. McAfee Mobile Security

This antivirus is best to safeguard the personal information. It offers tools that can help for safeguarding the device from the viruses, protecting identity, and also offering the secured VPN.

Apart from the above, some features offered along with the mobile security system are,

  • Access to the VPN of the McAfee for protecting financial information and credentials from anyone who wants to steal the information.
  • Regular scans of the applications on the device and for blocking threats.
  • Protecting the personal information from the links or the non-trustworthy websites.

Further, McAfee is one of the award-winning antivirus service providers that is known to optimize the device performance, offering a safe experience for browsing and protecting the identity of the users, etc. All such features, they make this brand a highly recommended antivirus service provider for your Android device.

Note: they offer 30 days free trial.

  1. Avast Mobile Security

Avast Mobile Security app is best for offices and families. It is light, powerful, and popular software that is known to offer the free security to all the android phones. The aim of this brand is to maintain the utmost security, privacy, and the performance of the Android device.

Now, the top features associated with the application are,

  • Detecting the malicious apps and protecting the users from the link of the web which can cause a lot of threats to the devices.
  • Checking the security of the WiFi network.
  • Keeping browsing history private with the use of VPN that is offered by Avast.
  • Sharing the app with at least 10 devices.

Choosing the Best Free Antivirus Apps for the Android Phones- How to do that?

  • See if the app is able to detect and then remove the malware.
  • Look that the app has the needed features related to the internet security.
  • You can assess the impact of the app on the device’s performance.
  • Checking if the app has any kind of extra features.
  • Pick an app that can offer the full access, completely free.
  • Finding the app which is completely easy for use.
  • Ensure the app wouldn’t store the data logs.
  • Try to get an affordable and premium app.

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With almost all the needed information provided to you for choosing the app, now is the time to make a pick and remain secure. Remember that a lot of cybercrime, password hack, etc., have all been increasing, and therefore, it will be better if you have the basic features, completely free or even if it’s a nominal charge, your device, and your data remain completely secure.

Just get through the list once again that’s mentioned above and make the right pick based on the need of yours. These apps will definitely wouldn’t disappoint you and will provide you with the needed services correctly.



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