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WhatsApp View Once feature: How does it work for android users.


As you know In today’s time WhatsApp has become the most popular messaging app in the world. WhatsApp is used in large numbers not only in the country but all over the world. WhatsApp constantly brings new features to give convenience to its users.

This time again WhatsApp has launched a new feature. WhatsApp has named this feature View Once. With the help this feature, photos and videos sent on WhatsApp automatically disappear. Because of this, now you do not have to hide your chatting from anyone.

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What is WhatsApp View Once feature

View Once is such a feature with the help of which if a user sends you a photo or video on WhatsApp, then you will be able to see it only once. After this the photo or video will be automatically deleted. Let us tell you that this View Once feature has been rolled out for some beta users with Android version. But very soon this feature will be launched for all WhatsApp users

How does View Once work

Step1. First of all open your WhatsApp. And open the chat of whomever you wants to send photos and videos.

Step2.  After this click on the camera icon. And select whatever photo or video you want to send.

Step3. After this you will see the icon of (clock) under the image, click on it. On clicking on that option, you will get a message of “photo set to view once”.

Step 4. Now you click on the send button.

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