WhatsApp Report status update
WhatsApp Report status update

WhatsApp is releasing a new call countdown concept to prevent accidental WhatsApp calls for beta Android, iOS, and Desktop users. This concept reveals has been spotted by the leading WhatsApp news portal WABetaInfo. According to the report, this feature would look after so that you do not make any calls by mistake on WhatsApp.

You all know that WhatsApp is an internationally available, cross-platform Instant messaging service. It is used by over 1.6 billion consumers all over the world. The platform provides its users with quite a number of advanced features. With time it is emerging into a robust multi-tasking platform. Know about its latest release in the article below.

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WhatsApp’s Call Countdown Concept

If you want to give feedback about any new WhatsApp feature of beta Android, IOS and Desktop then sharing a concept is the most effective way. The reliable WhatsApp news source earlier shared an idea about an improved feature that lets you manage your WhatsApp storage.

In its official blog, WAbetaInfo has shared a new concept that lets you prevent accidental WhatsApp calls through its Call Countdown feature. The Meta-owned platform enables us to make voice calls. It could have occurred to anyone that we might have made a WhatsApp call by mistake.

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It happens when the voice or Video Call button gets tapped accidentally while you are chatting with someone. For many years lots of users have demanded WhatsApp introduce a Confirmation alert feature before placing a call. In fact, this feature is already present but it is visible only while making the first attempt at a WhatsApp voice call.

As it is quite irritating to tap a button twice for performing the same action, WhatsApp provides you with functionality to avoid this. Every time you want to make a WhatsApp call you need to tap on the ‘Call’ button and then on ‘Yes’ within the confirmation alert. According to WAbetaInfo, this is why the news tracker has created the concept for the Call Countdown feature.

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How will the Call countdown feature work?

The WhatsApp news portal has also released a screenshot of the concept. In the screenshot, it is seen that every time you will place a WhatsApp call the platform will start a countdown of 3 seconds. The call will start after the countdown ends.

However, it may be annoying to wait for three seconds every time you want to make a call. The platform may have a particular method to force stop this countdown and start the call immediately. For example, you take your mobile near your ear and WhatsApp detects it with a proximity sensor then places the call at once without waiting for the countdown.

This Call Countdown feature is concluded to be helpful as you can end a call quickly that you placed by mistake. Thankfully the recipient won’t even get notified about this accidental call. As mentioned earlier this is just a concept made by WAbetaInfo and not a genuine WhatsApp feature.

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At present, the company has no plans to develop this feature for any coming update of the app. Since this concept the WhatsApp news portal has suggested this new feature, you can expect that the company can implement the Call Countdown at a future date. As there are any further details available you will get notified through a new post on our website. For more information on the latest updates and upcoming developments Keep Following us.

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