WhatsApp Format text Shortcut
WhatsApp Format text Shortcut

WhatsApp has rolled out the Format text shortcut feature for beta iOS users. The platform has submitted this update through the TestFlight beta program with this update the current version reaches The same feature is available in the version within WhatsApp settings. The TestFlight build of this feature is 22.22.0 (40893575).

WhatsApp regularly keeps introducing exciting new features on the platform. Being one of the most in-demand apps the platform has to keep enhancing itself for a better user experience. In this latest version of the app the popular instant Messenger and chat support software announces one more fascinating feature. Know more details about the new format text in this article below.

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WhatsApp Format Text Shortcut enabled for iOS

The Meta-owned platform features text formatting for all iOS, Android, and Desktop apps. It allows you to put specific characters before and after your chat messages for formatting. Like for Italics, you have to place an underscore. For Bold letters, you need to place an asterisk mark.

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To get strikethrough letters just type a tilde and to apply Monospace you have to type three back ties. You just need to place these marks before and after the words or text. There is also another way to do this. Just select the text you want to format and tap BIU menu action. This way you will be able to format text more quickly in a shortcut way.

Format text into BIU

Previously the app had released an iOS 16 update. According to the reports after this update, the formatting menu is called ‘Format’ instead of BIU. So the menu action was not available on iOS 16. The leading WhatsApp news source WABetaInfo has also released a screenshot of the feature.

In the image, you can see that the current beta update supports this change. So IOS 16 beta testers can finally see this format text shortcut when they want to format their text. However, the report further mentions that iOS 15 users and users of other lower versions will still see the same BIU menu action.

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As mentioned earlier this shortcut is rolled out to all iOS 16 users. To get this feature to install the latest iOS beta version and update your WhatsApp account. So the BIU menu won’t show up on iOS 16 anymore. For more information on all upcoming developments of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, web/Desktop, and Windows stay tuned with us.

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