Create WhatsApp call links
Create WhatsApp call links

WhatsApp is a popular social media platform used by billions of people across the world. Being one of the most in-demand apps the platform frequently keeps adding new useful features to enhance its user experience. Recently the platform released the ability to create and share WhatsApp audio/video call links feature.

With this feature, WhatsApp users can create a call link for members to join an audio or video conference call. At present WhatsApp allows to make group calls of up to 8 people but this latest release would let more people join in for conference calls. There are many other apps like zoom calling and Google meet which provide users with this functionality.

But WhatsApp has added it so that its users now won’t have to switch to any other third-party app if they need to add more than 8 people for a group call. As this is a new feature most of you must be unaware of how to use it. In this article, you will know how you can create and share WhatsApp audio video call links.


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Know how to use WhatsApp call links feature

Most of you may be knowing that links are unique IDs also commonly known as URLs. Many social media apps use them for identification and to let users get connected with others. As explained by the WhatsApp support team, WhatsApp call links are 22-character identifiers and very easy to generate. These are valid for a long time, can be reused, and is secured with end-to-end encryption feature. Here is how you can generate your own call link in WhatsApp.

To create and share WhatsApp audio video call links first of all open your WhatsApp account. Then go to the calls tab. In the opened page you will see the newly added create call link option at the top of the page. You will see that the platform will automatically generate a video call link by default.

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Then the app will provide you the option to select between the ‘call type’ under that link. You can choose to opt for a video call or a voice call as per your requirement. After your WhatsApp call link is finally created you can share it with any WhatsApp contact, you can ‘copy’ the link or you can also share it on any other social media platforms like Instagram, mail, and others.

Links expire

Currently, WhatsApp provides a 90-day validity for these links. This means you can get connected to your friends and family within this time period using the same link. However the ability to create and share WhatsApp audio/video call link feature is limited only to iOS and Android users right now.

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There is no news about its development for other platforms. To get this feature update your WhatsApp to the latest version of the app. Notably, you cannot delete these links manually and the company has the right to revoke them anytime for security and privacy purpose.

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