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WhatsApp Gains New Group Calling

The latest upgrade from the digital world is that WhatsApp has added some new features including the Gains new Group Voice calling feature that will help in better communication. The company is thoroughly testing the new feature and with the help of AI, the company is trying to provide the best voice call and video call feature in the digital world.

The update will be provided to the public and businessmen by the end of June. WhatsApp new version update will be available for both android and iOS users.

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About the WhatsApp new Gains feature for Group Voice Calling

The company has introduced three new tools for improving the voice call facility. It has introduced the feature to mute a particular person in a call. Besides, it will also acknowledge us with the feature of massing a particular person in a conference call. The company is also testing of the feature to see a notification when a new person enters a conference call.

This tool will also be added in the updating process of voice calls on WhatsApp. The company is also testing some tools that will help in improving the quality of the video call. They have increased the number of participants in a video call from 16 to 32 users. Besides the company is also introducing the feature of holding a video call. In this feature, the user can mute and pause a conference and can shift to another one.

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Implementation of this

With help of these tools, the user can easily communicate with each other. The business person can easily conduct a meeting using these tools. Besides, the feature to massage a particular person at a conference will be helping the businessman to have a safe and convenient meeting. The feature of 32 participants in a video call will help the people to have a healthy group conversation online in a convenient way.

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Future innovation

The company is trying hard to increase the number of participants from 32 to 64. This will help in better connectivity. Besides, with the help of AI technology, the company is testing and will be applying some more tools. This tools include a backup system for the video call that the user has attended or dilled. Moreover, the user will have easy access to this backup system.

Furthermore, they are trying to implicate an auto voice call recording feature for better connectivity. The user will get easy access to these calls and can hear them as per requirement.

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