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What is the Bolo app and what will it do?


Friends, today I am going to tell you about an app which is going to be of great benefit. This is especially beneficial for children. Because you teach the child but you do not have time, you would think that if someone else teaches, I would do some work, but with the help of this app, you will not have to teach at all, that child will read the apps on his own. So in today’s article, I will tell you about the bolo app in full detail that you understand and if you want to understand and you want to know then read this article carefully because step by step will understand you.

Speak App is an Android app developed by Google to improve reading skills. Bolo app is specially designed keeping in mind the rural areas.

Features of the Bolo app.

  • Bolo app is a free app that can be downloaded for free in the Play Store. There is also no charge for its services. When you download the Bolo app, you just need the internet and only. After downloading, this app can be used even without the internet. Because it has also been given offline mode features so that people do not stop learning due to internet connectivity.
  • And in addition to reading Hindi, English pronunciation can also be taught with the help of this app. Because the bolo app with Hindi is also available in English. And you do not need to download any app for this. The app can be switched from Hindi to English and English to Hindi from one app.
  • Bolo app has been developed keeping in mind the rural children. Therefore its user interface is very easy. And a first-grade student can also learn and use this app easily.
  • A lot of Hindi English stories have been made available for children. Which can be accessed in the library section. And the biggest thing is that a Hindi translation of the English story is also spoken.
  • Bolo app can be used by many users simultaneously. If there is more than one child in the family, who can also do it, where the app becomes friendly according to their learning activities and provides the story and other suggestions as per their choice.

So I gave you complete information about the bolo app, so if you have read this article then you must have understood what is going to benefit you With the help of this app.


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