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Meta Threads App Web Version Launch: A Look at Features


Meta, the World’s top leading tech giant, recently launched their own social media app in competition with Twitter. Meta Threads! It became the fastest app to acquire 100 million users faster than ChatGPT and others.

As the app was limited to mobile users only. On behalf of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg announced the Threads App Web Version Launch.

In this detailed article, we will discuss its features and functionalities in depth.


The Arrival of Meta Threads Web App

With a recent announcement from Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg about the threads web version launch, has made a remarkable move.

This web version allows users to like, post, share, and comment on threads using desktops. All these functions are available for desktop users to engage them with threads.

As per Mark Zuckerberg, the desktop version will be available for desktop users in the next few days.

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Threads vs. Elon Musk’s Twitter

In response to Elon Musk’s Twitter, Meta threads has set itself apart through a democratic and transparent platform for expressing opinions and interests.

Threads don’t follow Musk’s Twitter algorithmic biases and controversial policies.

We all know threads app completed its first 100 million users quicker than ChatGPT when it debuted last year.

However, it’s not accessible in the European Union yet due to data protection regulations.

Web Version Functionalities and Limitations

Although it performs well on the desktop web version, it is a bit loose as compared to the app version.

Users can’t edit profiles, send posts to Instagram direct messages, and can’t access advanced settings.

Meta’s spokesperson, Christine Pai, clarified that it is for users who are more interested in accessing threads through a web browser.


While the Meta-owned threads app got huge user engagement on their app, now the Meta threads app web version launch is also ready to set up.

This move by Meta is to acquire all users who are more comfortable accessing threads by web browsing.

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