Top 5 Best Vpns To Play Pubg Mobile In India
Top 5 Best Vpns To Play Pubg Mobile In India

PUBG Mobile, the player unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile version, remains banned in varied countries, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, and India. But guess what? You can still play it with the use of the VPN, which would allow you to change your online restriction and give you a chance to bypass the geo-restrictions.

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Without the use of it, it will be impossible for playing this game in India, as the same has been removed from the App Store or Play Store, and therefore, it would block the pre-existing players from the matchmaking.


To play PUBG when the VPN is being used, it also helps in protecting from the DoS attacks and doxing. It also stops the throttling by the ISP.

Either way, if you wish to play PUBG Mobile from your home’s comfort, as a streamer, or just a player, this article is for you. It will provide the names and details of the top 5 best VPNs which can be used by you for playing PUBG Mobile in India. Make sure to find what suits based for your requirements based on the features and other considerations offered through the VPN.

5 Best VPNs for Playing PUBG Mobile in India

  1. Express VPN

This VPN, it has a vast server network that has fast speed, and that allows one to play PUBG Mobile completely lag-free, no matter if you are in any of the country.

Apart from the above, the VPN has,

  • Multiple servers that are closer to India.
  • It is smoother all throughout the use.
  • All across the servers has low ping, and it can produce the low ping and lag-free gameplay.
  • It is completely easy to use and is secure for the mobile apps.
  • Works on both the Android and iPhones.

The only con here one would find is the VPN is not just paid but is also more expensive than the competitors of it.

  1. NordVPN

This, again, is a paid version of the VPN that offers,

  • Lightning-fast speed.
  • It is ideal for the 4K video viewing.
  • 6 simultaneous connections can be maintained, allowing the users for connecting 6 devices in total.
  • The ping stays under 40 ms using 100 Mbps service. It means it is lower with a better connection.
  1. SurfShark

A paid version of the low-cost VPN, this is an amazing VPN that comes at an affordable price. It’s the best VPN to play PUBG or any of the other multiplayer games online. Further, it has over and above 1000 servers in around 60 locations.

With its high bandwidth and the high-speed work, this definitely is an excellent gaming VPN.

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  1. PIA VPN

PIA, or the Private Internet Access, it is one of the best VPNs that work best on the Android mobile phones. It supports WireGuard Protocol, the customizable DNS servers, and the split tunneling that remains perfect for the mobile gaming with no changes to the framerate or the screen quality.

Some of the pros of the PIA VPN are,

  • An advanced app that has been optimized for the online gaming.
  • It has best for the Android phones.
  • The ping times are serviceable all across the server network.
  • The VPN is available at @$2.19 per month for two years.
  • Faster WireGuard, allowing one to have a ping at the lowest or, rather, the lowest possible they can.
  • Smooth and lag-free.
  • Supports the port forwarding, has a dedicated VPN IP address and custom DNS servers, and also allows one to optimize the connection for the online gaming.
  • The virtual server, the one in Sri Lanka via Singapore, it is quite cheap on the long-term plan.

As part of the cons, the VPN has high ping than what is there for the Nord VPN and Express VPN.

  1. Windscribe

This is a free VPN that comes with certain limitations. As for the rest, it offers,

  • A free router-compatible version of the service.
  • The user gets 10GB of the free data every month. It is sufficient to play any data-intensive title for over 33 hours. With the lighter games, including PUBG Mobile, one gets more time.
  • The network spans over the 60 countries. However, if one is a free version user, you would only have the access to the 10 of them.

Playing PUBG Mobile Using VPN- How to do it?

To play the game with the VPN, begin with the installation of the VPN app on the mobile device. Further, just follow the steps as described below.

  • Go to app store on the phone of yours. Search for a VPN, i.e., either of the above-discussed VPNs.
  • After the VPN app gets installed, create the account and just log in.
  • Connect a VPN server in the region wherein the PUBG mobile is not banned. Try to use Singapore if living in Asia.
  • Next, open PUBG mobile app and then matchmaking.

Apart from the above, there wouldn’t be any further steps that would be required for playing the PUBG mobile using the VPN, but if you have been experiencing the lag when connected with the VPN, it is time to change the mobile region of PUBG.

To change the PUBG Mobile app region, go to the default section, click on Settings, and select the Change button that remains adjacent to the Select Server. Now, you will be able to simply select the region from the drop-down menu that would match the server location of the VPN.

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Final Words

If, after reading the above, the one question that remains in your head is whether VPNs in India are legal, remember it is. There might be some amount of restrictions in the northern area of India, where if found using it,

you might get detained for questions, but if living anywhere else, it is legal. Either way, we are sure you wish to stay on the safe side. So, if you are a part of or you stay in Jammu and Kashmir, try to avoid the use of VPNs.

As for the rest, hopefully, you were able to make a pick of VPN from the ones provided in the above list. Now that you have connected to server from the country, that allows you to maintain the faster connection speed without compromising on the personal information. Let the VPNs work and continue to play the PUBG India on the mobile.

Happy Streaming!

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