What Is An XLM File?
What Is An XLM File?

XLM files, a product by Microsoft, it stands for the Excel Macro files. These files remain executable files within the binary format. It is quite handy when it comes to automation and consists of some important algorithms and the macros which will be necessary for the generation of the results.

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If you need further information and you need more data about the XLM files, this article is for you. It will provide information on what XLM files are, how to open these XLM files, how to record the Macro in the XML, and much more. Continue reading it ahead to know further.


What is XLM File?

The file which carries the file extension of XLM is the Excel 4.0 macro file. The macros are known to allow the automation to ensure that repetitive tasks can get played for saving the time and for lowering error likelihood. This extension got first added in the v4.0 of Excel, which was released in the year 1992.

The new formats of the Excel, including XLTM and XLSM, they remain similar, and they can store the macros. However, unlike the XLM files, these are actually the spreadsheets, including the macros, and XLM files are said to be the outdated format for the macro file.

XLM files- How to Open them?

Now, even when it has been suggested by Microsoft that none use the XLM files any longer, and it has even been disabled by default, XLM files can still be opened with the help of the Excel. To do so, one just needs to follow a series of steps. Further, if not Excel, the free Excel viewer of Microsoft or LibreOffice Calc can also be used.

If you have a security-related concern or error when you are trying to use the file within Excel, go ahead and change the program’s security settings to allow it.

  • Go to the Files and click on the Options.
  • Next, choose Trust Center provided on the left-hand side and then click on the option Trust Center Settings on the right.
  • Moving ahead, choose the Option Macro Settings provided on the left-hand side and select Enable All Macros. Now this is generally not recommended as it can potentially bring in dangerous code runs.
  • Next, click on the option File Block Settings from the left and find the option Excel 4 Macro Sheets and add-in Files. Once done, ensure to click on the open box check.
  • On the bottom, there, you will find the box to select, which is provided next to the Open Selected File Types in Protected View and Allow Editing.
  • Lastly, click on the option Okay that is present on the Open Windows for saving it and try opening the XLM file again.

XLM files- Not able to open yet?

In case if the file you are choosing is still not opening and you remain to be very confused about whether or not the same file is an XLM file, it is a possibility that you are misreading the extension of the file. Remember that there are many files that use the extension that very closely resembles XLM, even when there is no relation in between the formats.

XMI & LMX are some of the common file extensions. Even when the letters are the same, they are different, and one must try to avoid the confusion between them.

Problems with XLM File Formats

If you are unable to open or operate the XLM file, it does not mean that you do not have the appropriate software that has been installed on the computer, but instead, there might be other problems are associated, which continue to block your ability for operating the Excel Macro format file. Some of such issues that might be possible are,

  • The XLM file which you are trying to open might be corrupted.
  • You are having the incorrect link to the XLM file within the registry entries.
  • Accidentally, the description of XLM got deleted from the registry of Windows.
  • The incomplete installation of the application has been supporting XLM format.
  • The file has been affected because of the undesirable malware.
  • Computer is not having enough resources of the hardware to cope with XLM File opening.
  • The equipment drivers that get used by the computer for opening the file are out of date.

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In case if you are sure that any of the reasons, they do not exist in the given case of yours or if the same has been eliminated, the XLM files will operate with the programs without any issue, but if the problem is not solved, it might be because of the fact that there might be other rare problem with the XLM files. If such a case arises, it is better to seek assistance from any professional staff who might be actually able to help.

Recording Macro in the XLM

Excel is known to provide very easy steps for recording the macros, and it needs the user to have developed tools installed already for working with macros. After the macro reading is within the process, the same will record every user action, which will get played later.

The macro recording involves every step the user performs after beginning the recording process, and therefore, if you are trying to make the content of the cell bold or italic or just set it within text justification after the recording has started, every single command will get recorded. Every recorded Macro will also be assigned the shortcut and quick playback. Macro recording is known to generate the VBA code that is in the form of the Macro and the one which can be edited with the use of a basic visual editor.

XLM files- How to Convert it?

It is not confirmed, but you have the option for opening the XLM file within Excel or the LibreOffice Calc and then go ahead and save the open file for another similar type of format.

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Final Words

Hopefully, the above information provided about XLM files was enough. However, in case if you are having any additional information about these files, you can connect with us to share the same, and we will definitely be grateful for the exchange of the information that we will later share on with our users.

Continue reading more of our posts and find different other information that might be useful for you. Thank you!



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