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What Is An F4V File?


If you got trouble in with playing the F4V file, there isn’t anything to worry about. We are here with this article to provide you information on not just what is the F4V file but also how you can open it or, if you are having trouble in playing the same, to provide you with some solutions for making the F4V formats useful and secure.

Now even though the Adobe isn’t supporting the Flash anymore, you will still be able to open and then convert the files from F4V files to MP4. This article is also focused on how you will be able to open it on the computer or the phone too. So, go ahead and continue reading it to know more.

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F4V file- What is it?

The file with the extension of F4V is the flash MP4 video file that, at times, is also known as the MPEG-4 video file. It is based upon the container format of Apple QuickTime and is similar to the MP4 format and the FLV.

However, as the FLV format carries certain limits with the H.264/AAC content, F4V was developed by Adobe to be the upgrade of it. Now F4V file doesn’t support varied audio and video codecs in the format of FLV, including Sorenson Spark, Nellymoser, etc.

F4V is the other Adobe Flash format. However, it gets used for holding the MPEG-4 video data that is DRM protected. It also remains true for the audio files that are Adobe Flash protected and use .F4A file extension.

F4V file- Features

F4V, it is capable to carry the content in the HD format. On a corresponding level, for the high-quality and continuous streaming, it carries the high bitrate requirements, which is up to 50Mbps, that what is provided on the normal formats for the video. It remains compatible with most of the operating systems, and the best is that you wouldn’t even need to have the installation of the additional codecs or the plugins for playing the F4V files.

F4V File- Structure

The format of the F4V file remains based upon the ISO base media file format or the MPEF-4 Part 12. It is quite similar to the MP4 format. A major difference in between the F4V file and the MP4 is the metadata format which can be stored on the F4V file.

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Some of the metadata formats that can be supported by the end of F4V file formats are tag box, XMP metadata box, list box, text track metadata box (style box, highlight box, karaoke box, scroll delay box, highlight color box, text box, blinking box, Text warp box, hypertext box, and drop shadow alpha box.

F4V file- How to Open it?

There are varied programs that can open in the F4V file; after all, it is the popular audio or video compression format. The Animate and VLC open F4V files just like the F4V player, which is free. One another program that works well in the Windows Media Player is the one that got built into varied versions of the Windows.

There are many standalone programs from the other developers that play the F4V file too. Like the video editing program of Adobe Premiere, it can even author the files just like the other video editing and the authoring sites that are quite popular.

Make use of the ALLPlayer Video Player or the MX Player for watching the F4V videos on the Android. Even the iPad or the iPhone users might have some luck with the use of the Fast Player.

Converting F4V file- How to do it?

There are some free video converter programs that support the format of F4V files, like the Any Video Converter. One can use any one of such tools for converting the F4V file to the MP4 or WMV, AVI, MOV, and the other formats. It can even convert to audio files like the MP3.

You will be able to convert the F4V files online using the available websites like Zamzar. The downside here will be that you will only be able to make the upload of the video to the site before the same gets converted, but then again, it must be downloaded to the computer for using a new file. In short, both the download and the upload process, it will take a while in case the video is quite large.

F4V file- Still Unable to Open it?

It is possible you might be misreading the file extension. There are some of the files using the file extensions that get spelled like the F4V. However, it wouldn’t mean that there is anything common there or that you are able to open it with the use of the same type of software program.

The File Viewer Plus batch presents the files that use the F4V file extension, and even when the letters of it are the same as the F4V file, the formats are unique. The FVP files, they get used along with the File Viewer Plus.

FEV files also can be the FMOD Audio Events files that use the FMOD software or the FLMES Environment Variable files that remain related with the FLAMES Simulation Framework. Now, neither of the same is related to the file format of Adobe Flash video.

As said above, both the F4V file and the F4A file files, they are the Adobe Flash Files too. However, the extensions can get used along with the programs that remain unrelated to the Flash.

Further, it is also important to ensure that the file one is having relates to the Flash in some or the other way, or else you are just dealing with a thing that is entirely different and the mentioned programs on the page, it is probably not ones that you are looking to convert or open the file.

There are some supported files that can get contained within the F4V file format. It includes,

  • MP3
  • AAC Audio Files
  • PNG
  • H.264
  • GIF
  • JPEG
  • VP6 video types
  • AMF3
  • AMF0
  • Text data types

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Final Words

Hopefully, this article was able to help you in understanding what exactly is the F4V file and how one can play or convert the F4V file. Now, there might be some errors faced when opening or playing the F4V file, and this is a very regular thing.

It is also possible due to the software issues or the viruses on the computer. So, to handle such type of matter, more information might be required. However, if you are unable to do it on your own, it is better to take some professional help. Go ahead and get your appointment today.



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