Spotify Share Songs as Audio
Spotify Share Songs as Audio

In the evolving era of the music streaming world, One of the best and leading platforms, Spotify has always been the pick for music listeners. Among the other competitors like YouTube Music and Apple Music, Spotify has an impressive user base all over the world.

Now Spotify is set to add an exciting dimension to music sharing by their recent development where users can share songs as audio surprises.

Let’s understand how it’s going to benefit users sharing music with their loved ones.


Spotify’s New Approach to Music Sharing

Spotify always puts effort into letting users feel the music with their innovative features, Now going to deliver a novel feature known as “Share it as an audio surprise.”

When activated, it replaces the conventional album art with a delightful gift wrap before sending your chosen song to friends or family.

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How Does It Work?

Saadh Jawwadh, an avid Spotify user performed a demonstration and experienced this feature can transform the sharing experience.

Once you choose “Audio Surprise” the recipient never sees album art or song details until they click “Play on Spotify”.

This element of suspense adds an exciting twist to sharing music.

The Future of Spotify’s Features

Spotify’s new feature “audio surprise” is available for paid users and it shows Spotify’s commitment to providing the best user experience.

It’s not yet confirmed if this feature will be released widely or not. According to CJ Stanley, co-head of global communications at Spotify.

These developments are part of ongoing tests. Let’s wait and watch when these features might roll out to the masses.


In the big world of music streaming, music enthusiasts are eager to experience Spotify’s “share song as audio surprise” feature.

While it’s in a testing phase, the anticipation is at its peak. While we wait for the final arrival of this innovative change.

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