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Kill App close all running app saved battery application.


Kill App – close all running app saved battery.

If you are troubled by your battery consumption. And your phone battery does not backup. Your phone battery is consumed very soon. For this, you have to face a lot of trouble. So there is nothing to worry about. We have brought you an application through which you can save your phone battery very much and keep your phone running for a long time. This application is named. Kill App.

If you download this application on your phone, then it will be beneficial that every useless application running inside your phone or kills it.
And it will give energy to your phone battery. So that your phone battery will last for a very long time.KillApps lets you close all running apps quickly by a simple touch! it saves battery power, frees up memory, and improves performance. Your phone keeps many apps running in the background, which is consuming your system resources, and as a result, draining your battery and reducing the available memory


Through this application, you can speed up your phone system Through this application, Close all running apps


Through this application, Close background tasks and services.

Supports user apps and system apps.

This app lets you speed up your phone when it runs slowly because of the many backgrounds running apps. Closing apps helps save battery power and extend battery life.


This app is a great automated solution for users with physical disabilities and muscle fatigue, who struggle while interacting with the screen, especially when doing repetitive complicated tasks such as force closing many apps one by one.


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