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Online Chatting With Girl App 2020


Online Chatting With Girl App 2020 All Android Mobile.

Online Chatting With Girl App

Today we are going to talk about how to talk to a friend via online chatting, today I will tell you the whole thing about the same.

Because everyone thinks that I should also talk to the girl, she does not have a girlfriend what to do, so I thought, why don’t I tell you how to talk to a friend online, you can also talk and pass your time.


The biggest fear in the minds of boys during online dating is that the friend they are chatting with is not bulky, unlike a profile picture with a slim physique. The youth of Delhi are less convinced by the fact that it has been revealed in recent research. Most of the youth believe that the boys are the first to be aware of the fact that the friend’s account is being thrown.

I think every guy has a different perspective on online dating. Most boys become interested in dating only when the friend is slim and beautiful. But I also know boys who are influenced not by the looks of a friend but by their thoughts. Sometimes bulky friend also displays their old or edited profile picture which is wrong.

I think that if in online dating the boy does not know the friend personally, then at first he is worried about whether this profile is fake or not. As far as the exterior color is concerned, in that also I think that boys are more concessive about their complexion than the weight of friends. Boys with dark complexion tend to like boys less.

Depending on the nature of the boy.

Whether or not a boy is suspicious of an online partner being bulky or slim depends on the boy’s nature. Some boys are so physically attracted that they forget that it is not permanent. Boys with such a mentality may worry about the girl’s physical. At the same time, some boys give more importance to the girl’s talent. Boys in this category do not mind friend physique.

How to start a chat?

After this, it is now time to chat with that friend. Your first message means a lot, so do not send anything like this at first.


You can make good comments on his post before chatting. If she gives an answer or some reaction to your comment then this is a good sign for you. It is believed that a friend responds to very few boys’ comments.

Can send cute emoji or sticker

Wish it a birthday, festival or festival

Text something along the line

In general, it would be better to start a chat based on the above-mentioned things than just writing hi, hello. During this time, note that if he is upset about anything or offline, then do not write anything.

If she is not answering something, do not send the message again and again. If you want to avoid being blocked, avoid doing so If the girl wrote a response to your chat, that is a good sign. Now you can move forward. However, you do not have to be very excited. Be smart and write the next thing smartly.

If the girl has written something only in your reply and has not expressed any desire to know anything about you, then stop talking to Ok, See You, Bye… only.

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I hope you enjoy reading this post. If you have any questions related to this post, then comment below. And share this post on all social media.



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