Best Free Internet Phone Calls Apps
Best Free Internet Phone Calls Apps

Wondering if you can make a phone call with the internet? Yes, it is possible. You can do it with the help of the internet. There are some messaging applications that provide support for free calling, in most cases, worldwide. Sometimes it also remains restricted to just the United States and Canada.

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The free internet phone call applications, can either make calls from app to phone (computer/mobile device to the telephone number or vice versa) or app to app (make calls from or between tablets/computers/phones but it will work if the recipient has the same app installed on the device). Remember, irrespective of how the same works, these apps can make free calls and are the best for the job.


In case if you are one such person who is looking out for an application that can be used by you for making calls in the same country or in other countries, go ahead and give this article a read. It consists of a list of the best internet phone call applications which you will love to use.

  1. Google Meet

Google Meet, is one of the app-to-app calling service applications that works on mobile platforms and desktops too. Using this application, you can make calls to up to 100 people. It comes with built-in noise-cancellation and includes AR masks, filters, and varied fun modes. Further, it helps with the presentation of documents and sharing other items during the calls.

The video meetings that are made through Google Meet, are encrypted, and it supports the audio calls too with all the contacts using the mobile application or the desktop version. While doing it all, all you need to do is start and join the meetings through the meeting code or the link.

Previously Google had a similar type of application, which is called Duo. However, it has been updated and has not been merged with the Meet. So, one can use Google Meet in the browser and the mobile application for iOS and Android.

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  1. Telegram

Telegram is an easy-to-use application that comes with text messaging, phone calls, and video calls features. This app can work on varied devices and allows only the users of the application for making free calls with one another. So, one wouldn’t be able to make the calls on the user’s actual phone number. However, one can use the application both on the app and the desktop.

After the contacts get added to Telegram, one can make the calls through the application with the use of the Info page of contact and then clicking on the phone icon.

The application runs on varied operating systems, and even though it has made claims that it allows encrypted phone calls, it comes with certain limitations to it.

  1. WhatsApp

Owned by Meta, WhatsApp is a very popular application with millions and millions of users. The WhatsApp call, it works with any of the users irrespective of their location. One can easily find the users to connect with using the existing phone contacts. The best part of this application is that it works on varied devices, including the web.

To use WhatsApp, one needs a phone number for signing up, and one cannot call the non-users of the application, including landlines. However, once you begin using the application, the new conversation can be started by seeing which of the contacts in your list is using the WhatsApp account. Then they can be called for completely free, no matter where they are located.

You can even do group calls with a max of 8 people and send videos, locations, photos, and contacts to the users. Also, there is the availability of end-to-end encryption provided in here for all of the communication done through the application.

Use WhatsApp irrespective of the operating system you use.

  1. Google Voice

Running on both mobile and computers, it can make and forward all the calls to the existing phones, allowing one to connect with the existing contacts of the phones. It also provides the facility of voicemail and is one of the best ways to place calls on the internet, allowing one to connect to the actual phone number or make PC-to-phone calls, or PC-to-PC calls.

Google Voice connects easily with the phone contacts that exist on the phone and offers both the choices of voice calls and video calls to be made or routing the voice calls to the other phones or even sending the same to the voicemail. Further, in here, one can screen the calls or create custom messages for the specific contact or make the groups within the contact list.

Some of the other features of Google Voice are free SMS, free Voicemail, and free conference calls. However, free calls come with certain limitations, i.e., it can be made in US or Canada, and it can be done for 3 hours at once. Later the calls can be limited repeatedly to the same number.

  1. Signal

Being developed with a focus on security and privacy, Signal as an application has encryption for all text chats and video calls. It also supports large files.

Once the account has been created using the phone number (no sign-ups with email), one can use this application without any hassles. Further, it is important for the other calls to have the same application in order to make calls or video calls, share stories, and self-destruct the messages by setting a timer for the messages to delete automatically at the set time, share the files and the location, etc.

The app is available for use on varied phones and operating systems. So, go ahead and download it for better use.

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Final words

Now that you know that you do not need to make any payment for making the calls or sharing SMS, and all remains possible with the use of just the internet, the above-mentioned list will make more sense. Just begin using it and find the best option among the above 5.

We are sure you might already be using WhatsApp, and if you want a change of scenario, you can make the pick from the rest of the 4 applications too. So, go ahead and download the application today. Sign in or create an account and begin using it without any hassles.




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