WhatsApp rolling out message yourself
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WhatsApp is rolling out the ability to message yourself feature for beta windows users. Earlier WhatsApp had released the ability to share contact cards with some select Windows beta users. The Meta-owned company rolled out this feature to users on the previous version of the Windows beta app.

In this current beta update, the platform is rolling out a new feature again for the Windows app. According to the reports in this feature, you will be able to save messages in the chat with your own phone number. It is well known that WhatsApp keeps working on new features to enhance its user experience. Let us see what new the platform offers you this time.

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WhatsApp rolling out the message yourself feature

In an article released two months back, a leading WhatsApp news source reported about an entry point that would let people open the chat with their own phone numbers. This feature was then announced for WhatsApp beta Android, iOS, and Desktop users.

According to the report with this feature, users will be able to quickly open their personal chats and save important messages or personal reminders. In the previous week, the Meta-owned company also posted some more details about this feature on Twitter.

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WhatsApp’s new ability to message yourself

Now the platform is rolling out the same feature to those who install the latest 2.2248.2.0 version of WhatsApp beta for Windows. The platform has submitted this update through the Microsoft store. As you can see in the available screenshot, in previous updates of beta windows the company added an icon within the cell.

This icon stands for your personal chats. But at that time it could not be opened. Then the company rolled out a server-side update after which the ability to chat with your own phone number could be opened. As the personal chat was incompatible with the multi-devices so it had to be hidden.

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So, this feature is considered to be more important for Windows apps and WhatsApp is releasing a full feature. The message yourself feature works when each time you send a message to the chat with your own number, that message will instantly be delivered to all your linked devices.

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As always these messages are fully end-to-end encrypted so nobody except you can see them across all your linked devices. As mentioned earlier this feature has been released only to some select beta testers. So, those who don’t have the ability to send messages to themselves at present will get it in a future update. For the more latest information on all upcoming new releases keep following us.

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