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How To Increase Wi-fi Signal Strength?


To face an issue with the Wi-Fi signal strength, it’s a problem most people face today. They keep looking for ways that can help them to maximize productivity and to reduce poor performance. Well, if you are one such person who has been facing any such concerns with your wireless network, definitely you are not alone.

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There are many wireless networks that slow down or even, at times, temporarily break down. This is what impacts productivity. This is what is to be changed, but one must remember that there does not exist any golden rule to fix up wireless network issues. There are different tips and tricks that might help one, though. In order to provide a list of such tips and tricks, this article has been prepared. Hopefully, it will help you out.

  1. Choosing Central location

Choosing the central location will provide better signal coverage all across the building. If you have a two-story structure and if the access point of the router is on the first floor, make sure to place it on the shelf in a place where it can provide a stronger signal for the devices that are also on the second floor.

Remember, the floors and walls, metal objects, and other items can interfere as well as weaken the wireless signals of the router. So, make sure to locate it in the right place, away from obstructions.

  1. Changing channel

Remember that interference is one of the biggest issues, specifically if one lives in a densely populated area. All those signals that come from the wireless network that are around you, it can impact the speed. Even the cordless phone system, electronic devices, and microwaves can be a huge trouble at times.

Now remember that modern routers can easily switch between different types of channels when they are communicating with the devices. Many routers even choose a channel for the user, but in case if the neighboring wireless network, they too are using the same channel, one will encounter single congestion. This is why a good router, when set to automatic, it will help in choosing the least of the congested channel on its own. They will choose the predefined channel which remains the best and will help to tackle the issue on their own.

In case the auto setting wouldn’t work for you, make sure to sign in on the router administration interface, go to a basic wireless category and make sure to try the selection of one channel manually. Then run the speed test, and it provides a better signal and faster speed, go ahead and use the same.

  1. Replacing router antenna

Router antennas remain omnidirectional. It means that they can broadcast in every direction, and therefore if you are placing the router near the wall, half of the wireless signals get broadcasted to the outside world.

Now there are many routers that come with removable antennas, and if you are able to replace the Omni directional antenna using the high gain antenna, you will be able to aim the wireless signal of the router in the correct direction in which you want it to be.

  1. Reducing wireless interface

Most of the wireless technology, 802.11g, it continues to operate at a frequency of around 2.4 GHz. There are many types of wireless electronics, including cordless telephones or baby monitors, or even the microwave oven and garage door openers which continue to use a similar type of frequency, and therefore, the result of it is that the signal noise from them, it can interfere with the connection that exists in between the router and your device.

To reduce the above-mentioned noise, it will be better if you buy a cordless telephone or other devices which will be using 5.8 GHz or 900 MHz frequency. It is because 802.11n operates at both 2.4 GHz and it gets very less frequently used for 5.0 GHz frequency. So, all these higher GHz devices might cause less amount of network interface.

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  1. Replacing the Device’s Wireless card-based Network Adapter

All the wireless network signals, get sent from and to the computer. Remember that the devices that have built-in wireless networking, have excellent antennas, and at times, there are routers that are able to broadcast to the device, but the device is unable to send the single back to the router. For resolving the given issue, make sure to replace the card-based wireless network adaptor with the USB wireless network, and after that, it will continue to use the external antenna.

  1. Purchasing equipment from the single manufacturer

Even though network adaptors and routers are from different manufacturers, they work together, it is a truth that they will work much better if they get produced by a similar manufacturer. The improvements will be helpful, especially if you have been using wireless-G devices for transmitting the long distance or for living in an old house where there are thick walls that can block most of the signals.

  1. Adding wireless repeater

These repeaters are quite handy devices, and they can rebroadcast to the wireless signal, strengthen up the signal from the router to the other floors, or even to the opposite end of the buildings. One will be able to place them anywhere where exists a better outlet but try to look for the location that exists halfway in between the router and the modem or the access point and the device. Make sure to research the products before making the investment too.

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Final Words

Now that you are aware of different types of ways in which you can increase the Wi-Fi signal strength and improve its performance of it, make sure to use it wisely and get the desired results. Either one of the above-mentioned will definitely be helpful for you, but if not, and in case if you are having your personal method for increasing the Wi-Fi signal, let us know. We will love to share it with our readers.



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