Best Processor for Mobile Phone Ranking List
Best Processor for Mobile Phone Ranking List

In today’s world, where the smartphone industry is filled with different mobile processors making their debut almost every year, we all have a variety to choose from. Amidst these processors exist a thin line of difference based on their capabilities. On the one hand, where some processors provide a quality camera experience, the other delivers an overall experience. So,

considering the importance of it all, and the availability of different brands and their offered smartphones, we have prepared this article to provide information about some important information about the best processors for mobile phones and give the names of 5 powerful and best processors that based on our research is the best on today’s date. Continue reading ahead to know more.

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What is a Processor/CPU?

Getting a bit technical, the processor is an electric circuit that can handle the instructions set of a given device. There are multiple logic gates to it apart from the arithmetic logic unit, IO, and main memory. However, today’s mobile processors come with varied processing threads, including Artificial Intelligence Engines and the Image Signal Processors. These processors, they cater to the smartphone user’s needs. Further, they are programmed for handling the computation tasks, image construction, cellular networking, voice calling, and camera calibration.

Frankly, these mobile processors for the upcoming generation it is quite intelligent, and this is why today, mobile processors are known as the System-on-Chip or SoC. Though these SoCs, they are quite complex, and they need additional testing for the identification of the essential advancements within processor performance, like benchmarking.

What’s Benchmarking?

Benchmarking, it is the industry-level technique that helps with the evaluation of SoC performance that remains based on the specific matrices. Once the successful testing is done, the matrices, they are nothing but the score that’s given to SoC. Further, this test, it can handle the battery efficiency, gaming performance, and CPU’s overall performance. SoCs, they are tested to the optimum level for identification of the computation capabilities.

Currently, the mobile’s best processor is the Apple A14 Bionic. It’s the same chip that can power the new series of iPhones and iPad.

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Smartphone Processors- Important Pointers

  • Processors play an important job. In many cases, one expensive component within a smartphone which can either break or make user experiences.
  • Understanding the processor’s working would help one to decide that one would be the best for the use.
  • There exist 2 important processors- central processing units and graphics processing units. Now, the CPUs handle the running apps and the performing operations which doesn’t involve the graphics, while the GPUs, they are quite focused on the graphic tasks, including rendering the images on the screen.
  • Big processors could indicate a powerful device. However, when all things are kept equal, the number of cores wouldn’t matter like the speed of the core. The clock speed, it is important as it can indicate how fast the CPU can perform the calculations.
  • 2.8GHz quad-core chip, it is faster than even the 2.2GHz quad-core chip.
  • A high clock would mean it has 4 cores which can easily crunch the numbers at the faster rate. Even the graphic chips also have their own speed that remains listed on the GHz or the MHz, which corresponds to the how many pixels they can render per second.
  • When making a choice for a smartphone, varied factors make a difference. These factors include the camera quality, resolution, display size, and battery life, and whether one prefers the iOS or the Android operating system.
  • The smartphone processors are quite powerful ones, even from the laptop processors.
  • Upgrading the old device to the new one and with a high-power processor, it would help in improving performance and making one up-to-date.
  • The processors, it can be an important factor for determining which of the smartphone would be right for one’s use.

Mobile Phone Processor- Which is the Best for Gaming or Other High Performing Usability?

A key takeaway here is that if your smartphone usage is mainly for gaming, video editing, and the heavy multitasking, the top-graded high-scoring chipset is what you must use. But in case you are just the casual user who doesn’t impose too much pressure on the device and just needs the seamless browsing, content-viewing experience, and texting, the basic scoring chipsets would be enough. However, some of them lack the needed performance. This is why it is recommended in case anyone’s on a tight budget.

Factors Influencing Smartphone Processors

A processor running at 1 GHz would mean it can do something 1000 million times in per second. Generally, with increased frequency, there would be more computing power and better performance. In simple words, the more the core, the better, as it would allow the CPU for spilling up the tasks to perform it all simultaneously.

Now, dual-core processors, they are very common. Further, quad-core chipsets, they too have gained a lot of popularity in previous years. Currently, Hexa-core processors, they appear on the flagship devices, including Galaxy models by Samsung. Now, what matters here is to see if the trend will continue or if the benefits offered by additional cores, they will become just marginal.

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Top 5 Best Processors for the Mobile Phones

In case you are looking for the best processor for the mobile, the below-mentioned 5 are the top mobile processors. You can look into it and choose as per your requirement by making the best purchasing decisions.

Rank Processor GPU Cores Clock
1 Apple A16 Bionic Apple GPU 6 3.46 GHz
2 Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Adreno 740 8 3.20 GHz
3 MediaTek Helio X20 Mali-T880 MP4 10 2.10 GHz
4 Google Google Tensor Mali-G78 MP20 8 2.80 GHz
5 Samsung Exynos 1080 Mali-G78 MP10 8 2.80 GHz

Final Words

Every single mobile processor, it has a unique SoC set, and the performance of it would help it in differentiating it from the others. So, the intelligent way for picking the best processor for the mobile would be to understand the usability of the device. Whether you wish to just have an amazing photograph or want to play games or be a hybrid user, enjoying it all, making a choice amidst the processors mentioned above would be the best choice.

So, go ahead and make a choice. Purchase the smartphone and begin your use today.



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