WhatsApp Beta Schedule Chat
WhatsApp Beta Schedule Chat

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps worldwide, continues to enhance its features. WhatsApp Beta, specifically version, has introduced the ability to schedule chat-based events. Want to learn about how this feature works and how it helps WhatsApp users? Let’s Dive in!

How to Schedule Chat Events on WhatsApp Beta

To schedule a chat event within a group, WhatsApp Beta users can simply tap the attachment icon (paper clip) within the message field. This reveals various attachment options, including the new “Event” option.

Upon selecting this option, a full-page card appears, allowing users to name the event, and specify the date, time, and location. There’s even an “Add video call” feature for added convenience.


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Group Notifications and Encryption

When an event is created using this method, a notification is sent to all group members, prompting them to update WhatsApp to access the event invite.

Importantly, these message-based events are end-to-end encrypted, ensuring privacy and security. However, it’s worth noting that the ability to create events seems to be limited to groups within a WhatsApp Community.

WhatsApp’s Evolution Towards Business

This scheduling feature, along with the previously introduced call scheduling, reflects WhatsApp’s transformation into a more business-oriented app.

These additions bring WhatsApp into competition with well-established industry competitors.

Additionally, WhatsApp has taken steps to align itself with Meta’s Verified program, as seen in the change of its verification badge color from green to blue for business accounts.

Wind Up

We all know how keenly WhatsApp detects users’ pain and delivers groundbreaking features to serve the user base.

WhatsApp’s new beta advancement to let users schedule chat-based events is to provide innovative and useful tools to their users.

All these new updates and now this feature is a clear sign to make it a business-oriented app. Since WhatsApp is continuously evolving, it would be exciting to see what is upcoming in the next advancements.

Once these features are live and available for wide users, Users will experience a versatile and feature full real-time messaging experience.



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