How to Increase Battery Life
How to Increase Battery Life

How to Increase Battery Life of Android Mobile in 2020.

Friends’ smartphones are all used in this world. If you also use you get upset with the battery. If your battery does not provide backup or you are upset with it. Today I will tell you some settings with the help of which your battery will be able to run well. If you want to give my battery backup. Then read this article carefully. Because in this article I have told you the whole thing. I have given complete information about how you can backup the battery.

There are many ways to save battery on mobile phones. But today I will tell you some such settings. With the help of which you can increase your battery backup. And the battery on your mobile will not be depleted so soon. Along with these settings, your mobile data You will have seen that many times. You must have seen that the data in our mobile gets exhausted very quickly. And we do not know, so today we will save you some battery. And that mobile data-saving tips that they know come in mobile and follow you can save data and battery these tips Konica.

How to Increase Battery Life
How to Increase Battery Life

How to increase battery life?

Close browser data – You will not know that all mobile apps are running in the background of your Android mobile. Due to which your mobile’s data is spent and more data is spent. Your mobile’s battery is depleted quickly, you must have lost it when you use the Internet on mobile. If you use your mobile battery very quickly, but if you use the phone without a net, then the battery of the phone is very long LTE so this is due to the ongoing mobile apps in the background of your battery Account.

So in such a way that you don’t want to use all the apps that you want to use data in the background, then you can close the background data restriction (background data) of all those EPS, due to which your mobile battery will be saved and mobile data Also and the battery life of your mobile will increase more than before. For this follow the step given below.

Turn Off Location  Bluetooth WIFI.

Often people do not use many things in mobile, yet they keep it on which reduces the battery life of your Android mobile gets depleted very quickly. When you use it and forget to turn it off when it is not in use, the same happens when using WiFi, then if you want to save the mobile battery, then all these things Areas close them when you’re not using it will definitely save some spares batteries in mobile

Along with this, many people keep GPS or navigation in mobile and forget to turn off the location, if you know that many mobile apps use your location, which consumes both battery and data, then more use If not, it would be better to turn them off.

Turn off auto-update in play store.

A mobile battery life is that you should go to your mobile play store. And close the auto-update apps, Because whenever you saw any wifi and if there is an update on mobile. Then the Playstore updates all the apps without asking you. due to which the battery of your mobile gets depleted very quickly. You can increase your battery backup by following all these things.

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