AndroidHow to Play YouTube In The Background?

How to Play YouTube In The Background?


How to Play YouTube In The Background?

Hello friends, in this article you will know how to run Youtube in the background? If you run Android mobile then you must do multitasking in it. Like listening to songs, chatting on WhatsApp or browsing on the internet, etc. However, you do not get the option of multitasking while running Youtube. Many times we want to watch YouTube videos in the background while doing some work on mobile but this only happens with people taking membership.

That is, YouTube offers an add-free facility to its users like streaming websites and apps. In which you can enjoy ad-free videos by paying a subscription charge of a few rupees a month. Along with these, they also get more convenience.

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If you want to play YouTube videos in the background, for this you will have to download an app. The link to this app is given below. You can download this app in your mobile very easily by clicking on the download button.

How to used it?

It is quite easy to use this app, just as you run YouTube app, in the same way, you can run this app, the most important thing about this app is that you can play any video you like in the background. In this app you have to play the video first, then minimize it to you. Your video will play in the background, the audio of the video will be heard even when you turn off the screen.

How to Download the app?

If you want to download this App, on your phone For free. So link this app is given below. You can download this app on your phone very easily by clicking on the download button. After downloading, you can use this app very easily.


Note. l Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. If you like this application, then share this with your friends and share this post on all social media. If you have any problem in using this app, then you can let me know by commenting. And don’t miss this app at all. Download this app on your phone today and enjoy it completely.

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