WhatsApp chat attachment menu
WhatsApp chat attachment menu

WhatsApp is a very popular app. People use WhatsApp to stay connected with each other. WhatsApp always launches some new feature for its user so that people get more interest in talking to people in messaging. Similarly, WhatsApp is going to bring another new feature that has not come yet. Inside WhatsApp but very soon this feature is going to be added to WhatsApp.

This feature is not for everyone. This is only going to come for desktop users. WhatsApp is a very good platform and the company takes special care of security for its users. That’s why WhatsApp is going to bring a new security feature so that people can keep their WhatsApp more secure. So today I will tell you about such a feature in full detail step by step. So read this article carefully and read till the last, only then you will be able to understand.

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WhatsApp is working on new two-step verification for the desktop version

For example, when you log in to WhatsApp on your smartphone, WhatsApp asks for a 6 digit code from you. That code is sent to your registered mobile number. For the same desktop login, you just have to scan a QR code on WhatsApp and you log in to your account. It does not require any kind of pin.

That’s why WhatsApp is soon going to bring two-step verification for desktop version so that you can keep your desktop secure. According to a report by WABetaInfo, a PIN is required to authenticate while logging into the desktop app to extend and authorize access to desktop WhatsApp chats. WhatsApp feature tracker has said that WhatsApp wants to make messaging easy everywhere with two-step verification.

So this two-step verification feature will be updated in future. This feature is currently being worked on. According to the report, the two-step verification feature can be easily enabled or disabled on the web/desktop client. This feature will come in handy when your phone is lost somewhere and you cannot remember your PIN. If you forget the PIN, you can restore it by requesting a reset link.


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