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How To Use Chatgpt On Android And Ios?


ChatGPT is the new hype. It’s the AI chatbot that gained the popularity like the storm gains its speed, and why wouldn’t it, after all, it changed everything. Be it the blog writing or the coding or any other cool thing like learning new recipes, etc., it created a new space for it all and in a totally efficient manner. The only limitation it carried at the introduction was that it could be used only through the websites on the desktops or laptops.

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But then again, with time came changes, and with changes, the website is not available to be used on phones. It’s also a part of a few applications that people worldwide are using. So, just in case if you have been looking for a way for using ChatGPT on your iOS and Android device, the below-mentioned would help. We will guide you with the information in detail.


Get through the below-mentioned data and find out more.

Using ChatGPT on the Android and iOS Devices- How to do it?

Well, to begin with, it is quite easy to use ChatGPT on either of the same. All one needs to do is create the account and, after it, launch the website through Chrome or Safari, and that’s it, you are all good to go.

In order to follow up on the step-by-step procedure, follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Open your web browser (any of it) on the mobile device.
  • Go to Google Chrome, and in the address bar, visit- to go to the ChatGPT official portal for using it.
  • Next, click on the option Try ChatGPT that is present on the top and then scroll down and again click on a button that carries the same name.
  • You will be redirected to the another page wherein you will see Login/Sign up option. It is quite likely that you aren’t signed up if you are using it for the first time. So, just tap on the option Sign up.
  • On the next page, you will get asked to enter your email address. Add the same and continue.
  • Create your account by adding the password, verifying your email, telling the Chatbot a bit about yourself, etc., you will be done soon.
  • You will receive a short disclaimer about ChatGPT. Just tap on Next, and lastly, get done by clicking on Done. It will help you in having the access to the ChatGPT AI Chatbot.
  • That’s it, you are done. Now, you can visit the website and use your phone for any queries or even have conversations with an AI bot.

You can even have an access to the previous conversations, but only if you upgrade your account to ChatGPT Plus or enable the dark mode. The settings can be assessed by just tapping the menu icon that remains present on the left corner of the screen.

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ChatGPT with Siri- Shortcuts

Siri is the virtual assistant, but then again, if you wish to be it much more capable than what it is, you can combine the ChatGPT with the Siri. It would include involving the Siri shortcuts, the API keys for the ChatGPT, and of course, your patience. Just make sure that you have the account on ChatGPT before you proceed.

In order to use ChatGPT with Siri and the shortcuts, the below-mentioned steps would help.

  • Open the SiriGPT shortcut page, and the iPhone will ask if you wish to open the file within the shortcut app. Therein, just tap Add Shortcut.
  • The OpenAI API keys, you can get through by just visiting the Therein login to the account and then tap on the menu icon or the 3 horizontal lines available in the top-right screen corner.
  • Then tap on the profile icon present on the bottom menu and click View API Keys.
  • Then click on to the option, Create New Secret Key, and select Copy Icon for copying the same to the clipboard.
  • Once done, click on Ok and close the window.
  • Add the API key for the SiriGPT shortcut that was installed before. Then open the Shortcuts app, and there it will be SiriGPT short.
  • Click on the 3 dots for the editing shortcut.
  • Paste the API key where there is Add API Key Here.
  • Then go back to the Shortcuts menu and click on the SiriGPT shortcut. It would ask for your permission for enabling speech recognition for the given shortcut. Just click on the option Allow.
  • Now, run Shortcut again. Ask any questions. There would be a pop-up that would ask you for allowing the shortcut for sending text to OpenAI API. Just click on Always Allow.
  • Once done, now you will be able to get all the answers in Siri’s voice. Just tap on Done, or for another prompt, tap Ask Again.

ChatGPT- Is there a Dedicated Application?

No, there isn’t any official application that’s available for the use of ChatGPT for both the iOS and the Android devices. So, the only way you have for running the Chatbot on the mobile phone is through the browser and by visiting the ChatGPT website. Now this might sound like a bit inconvenient, but it is one way for one can have all the capabilities of ChatGPT on a mobile phone.

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Running ChatGPT on the Mobile- What are the Requirements?

Before starting the use of the Chatbot on the phone, it is better to know about the prerequisites you need to have for using an AI chatbot. Well, the best is that there are just 2 of them.

The first is to have an OpenAI account, which the users will be required to open to be able to use the ChatGPT. There is no charge, and the process too is quite simple.

  • So, go ahead and do it. Then complete the verification, and that’s it.
  • Web Browser is the second requirement. Now, it sounds like just basic, but one must have the updated web browser to ensure that the ChatGPT works on the browser perfectly with all its functions.

Get AI Power Through ChatGPT

With the growth of AI, we are continuously taking advantage of it, and now we can even do so much through the phone. ChatGPT is one such example that has sorted out so many of our concerns for us.

But then again, do not forget that these chatbots, they can be confident, but at times they can be wrong too. So, always try to maintain your personal research, no matter whether you use the Chatbot or not. Also, do not try blindly on anything, no matter how amazing it is.

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