How to play free fire games in PC
How to play free fire games in PC

Friends, today I am going to tell you about a game that a lot of people want. Many people also play it. This is a game that a lot of people have downloaded this game so far. This is a very popular game. The name of this game is Free Fire, in which people like this game very much. There are many people who do not know how to play free fire games in PC, even if you do not know, then you will read this article carefully and understand it till the last because inside this article I will give you very I will tell you with the easy method how you can play this game in PC very easily.

What is Garena Free Fire Game?

So let’s first talk. What is a Garena free fire game, it is a game that looks like the same to the same PUBG and in it, you can play like a pubg. Garena free fire is a third-person shooter battle royal game. 50 players can play in this game. In this game, you are taken from a plane via parachute to an unknown island.

After that, you survive to the end by competing with each other. In this, you get 10 characters. More may come after the game is updated. As soon as you start the game, you will get two characters. Admin and eve will unlock other characters as you progress in the game. After unlocking the second character, you will have to pay the game point if not money.


So I have told you. What is Garena Free Fire Game, so let’s talk. How to play Garena on free fire pc?

How to play Garena free fire game in pc?

The first thing is that this game is not a PC. You can play this game in Only for Android and if it is available for iOS platform then you can play it on mobile. But now I will tell you how you can play this game on PC. To play in PC, you will need a software called an emulator. There is a lot of emulators available on the internet which you can use, but I will tell you which is the best emulator so that this game runs very smooth Could. There are many emulators

Free Fire runs better in Bluestack and Tencent, so you can use these two emulators, so let me tell you how you can install it?

How to Install in Free Fire Bluestack?

It is very easy to download. You can download it by going to the play store or clicking on the link given below. bluestack is a very popular emulator. You can play a lot of games on it. First of all, you have to download the blue stack. After that, install the emulator in the system.


You will download the bluestack emulators. After that, you will install it on the PC.

Bluestack has to open.

After open, you go to the app center browser.

Download Garena Free Fire From the app Center.

After installation, you are ready to play.

So in this way you can play free fire in PC, which I have told you with a very easy method, so hope that you have understood and you can share it with your friend too.

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