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Know How to Pre-registration Battlegrounds Mobile India on the Play store


The most famous mobile game in India and globally, PUBG Mobile India is coming up with a new name Battlegrounds Mobile India. The company has also confirmed this on its social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and seven of YouTube. So in this post, we are going to tell you about how to pre-registration Battleground Mobile India. So let’s know?

Let me tell you that a lot of questions were being raised about PUBG Mobile, and PUBG lover was waiting for PUBG for a long time. So Finally PUBG Mobile Company krafton has announced to launch PUBG Mobile in India. So let’s know how to download PUBG Mobile!

PUBG developer company (Krafton) has announced the launch of PUBG in India under the name of Battleground Mobile India. Let us tell you that, this game has been developed for India only. Only Indian users will be able to enjoy this game.


Pre-registration started 18 May.

PUBG lover have been waiting for the start of the pre-registration of Battlegrounds Mobile India for a long time. Now finally Krafton has made a big announcement and now the wait of fans is over. In fact, he announced and stated that pre-registration of the game to be released by Krafton will begin on 18 May.

Let us tell you that by going to the Play Store from May 18, you can pre-registration the Battleground mobile india. If you want to know how to pre-registration on play store, then flow the step given below.

How to pre-registration Battlegrounds Mobile India?

The Gamers or users will get the notification when the game will available for download once the users have done the pre-registration. The Pre-registration is currently available for Android users. Users cannot download this game yet to play. The iOS users can’t pre-register the game on Apple App Store. For the iOS users, there is no info on when it will come for pre-registration or the game will launch.


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