Gesture Lock Screen App For Android Device 2020.


Hello friends, in this post today, we will give you information about a very amazing app. in this post we are going to tell you about a very good app whose name is Gesture Lock Screen. This is a screen lock app used by around 10 million people all over the world.

This is an absolutely new screen lock. If you download this app on your phone, with the help of this app, you can put a new lock on your phone’s home screen and surprise all friends.

Gesture Lock Screen is absolutely free Android screen lock app you can download this app for free. And you can use this app very easily. And in today’s post let us show you how to use this app. If you read this post carefully then you can get complete information about this app and you can use this app on your phone very easily.


Lock Screen App
Lock Screen App

How to use Geature Lock Screen app?

First of all download this app on your phone. After downloading, you have to open the app, then some options will be shown and allow has to be given. After that, we have to go to the setting and we have to give permission after going to the setting. And after that, you can apply your pattern lock.

How to used this app
How to used this app

How to Download the lock screen Android App?

If you want to download this App, on your phone For free. So link to this app is given below. You can download this app on your phone very easily by clicking on the download button. After downloading, you can use this app very easily.

Note. Hope you have enjoyed reading this post. If you like this application, then share this with your friends and share this post on all social media. If you have any problem using this app, then you can let me know by commenting. And don’t miss this app at all. today itself you download this app on your phone and enjoy it to the fullest.



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