How to use Airtel 5G Unlimited Data?
How to use Airtel 5G Unlimited Data?

From time to time, changes have been brought in. From using 1GB in a month to demanding unlimited internet plans, that too 5G, we stand asking for more every day. Well, the best is that there are some big telecom partners that understand our demands and present us with solutions.

To say, Jio began to offer the unlimited 5G network for all the users, having smartphones that are eligible under the welcome offer, and now even Airtel announced free availability for the unlimited 5G data with both the postpaid and prepaid plans. So, the good news for you is, being Airtel 5G coverage user, you can claim free data by just visiting Airtel Thanks App.

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In case if you are one such individual who’s been looking to have the unlimited 5G network on the sim card of yours, now is the time to go for it. Claim it, if you have an eligible device. In case you need further help, this guide is here for you. Just give it a read, and you will get an idea of how to proceed.

Airtel 5G Services- Conditions

Certain conditions associated with Airtel 5G are,

  • You have the 5G smartphone.
  • Remain within the 5G location.
  • The smartphone must remain updated all the time.
  • The device you use, it must have enabled 5G mode.
  • One must own an Airtel sim card, either with a prepaid or a postpaid connection, to receive the benefits associated with the 5G data.

Activating 5G Network- How to do it?

After 5G is rolled out in the area you live in, the same can be activated on the smartphone by doing the below-mentioned.

  1. Android

The 5G network could be enabled on the compatible Android phones. It can be done so by just following the below-mentioned steps.

  • Open Settings on the smartphone.
  • Select the Mobile Network on the setting.
  • Next, select SIM you want to use 5G on.
  • Then choose Preferred Network Type Option.
  • Next, tap and then select 5G network type.
  • In case if 5G is rolled out in the area, you will get the 5G on the device in just a few minutes in the status bar.
  • Ensure you have turned off the Wi-Fi and then enable the mobile data for 5G to show up.
  1. iPhone

Even the iPhone users, they can switch to a new network just by following a few steps as discussed below,

  • Go to settings on the iPhone.
  • Choose Cellular settings on the menu.
  • Next, select the option, Cellular Data.
  • Then select Voice & Data settings and choose either the 5G Auto option or the 5G On option.
  • After this, the 5G symbol would appear on the status bar in just the next few steps.

In case if after the above-mentioned steps are completed, if there aren’t any settings for enabling 5G, then in that case, it’s possible that the Apple services are not yet supporting the 5G network of the telecom operator.

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In general, the iPhone 12 series and more of the new models are completely 5G enabled.

Airtel Unlimited 5G Data- How to do it?

The unlimited 5G data, it can be claimed with the use of the Airtel Thanks App. To do so, just follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Download Airtel Thanks App from the Google Play Store.
  • Login on the Airtel Thanks App with the use of the Airtel Number.
  • Scroll through and then click on the option “Claim Unlimited 5G Data”.
  • In case if there’s an active plan of either INR 239 or more on your number, then you will see the option called, Claim Now.
  • Just click on the same, and right after a few seconds, you will see the success message which says Congrats.

By following the above-mentioned steps, your device will have an active 5G data up and running on the device for free.

The Airtel Thanks App, it can also be used for checking the availability of 5G in the area. So, if planning to do it, just follow the below-mentioned steps,

  • Open the Airtel Thanks App on the mobile phone.
  • Next, from the home tab, click on Check if your Phone is 5G enabled.
  • Once done, the app would check the 5G availability in the city and the smartphone too. It will provide you the information on the 5G availability status within the area and whether the smartphone can use the 5G network.

Airtel Plans

Airtel offers both Prepaid and Postpaid plans for users who wish to use 5G data. Currently, there are unlimited 5G data available with the data plan that is INR 239 and beyond. The users will be able to enjoy the unlimited 5G data without any worries with plans like of INR 239, INR 265, INR 296, INR 666, and beyond.

Now, there are some of the plans that also come with the OTT benefits, including the free subscription to the Amazon Prime or the Disney Plus Hotstar. So, you wouldn’t just have the 4G, but you will also enjoy OTT benefits with that faster internet speed of yours. Also, Airtel revealed some time back that the 5G speed network speed is 20-30 times more than what the users receive with the 4G network.

Apart from the prepaid plans, there are also some amazing postpaid plans that are offering the 5G data. The listed price begins from INR 399 and ranges from INR 1499 and even more. So, you can choose the plan based on your budget and requirement. As for the rest, these plans come with unlimited calls and also the SMS benefits. The one starting from INR 499 and going up to INR 1499 also comes with the free subscription to Disney Plus Hotstar and Amazon Prime. Just make a pick and enjoy a faster net today.

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Final Words

5G is a revolution, a totally next level within the cellular network space. Being the successor of the 4G services, this tech brings in a lot of improvements as well as capabilities like the faster download, simultaneous 4K streaming, cloud gaming with lesser latency, and much more.

It is a perfect aid that will bring in better data transfer speed and do a lot more. So, if you are willing to begin the use of the 5G network and be a part of the revolution, now is the time. Go ahead and join the network today. Connect with your service provider for more, and before you do, do download the Airtel Thanks App and find out whether or not your device is eligible for the 5G services and whether, in your area, is 5G supported.



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