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Whatsapp Allows Group Call Of Upto 31 Participants: Report


As part of its continual efforts WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, has recently introduced a new feature designed to improve the group calling experience for its users. WhatsApp has recently introduced many new features and updates to its platform. Only recently we saw the rolling out of WhatsApp Channels around the world, including India.

The most recent though, is the WhatsApp Group Calls of up to 31 participants. This is up from 15 participants earlier in place. This feature is directed at improving the group calling experience.

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Whatsapp Allows Group Call Of Upto 31 Participants

According to a report by WABteaInfo, WhatsApp is introducing a feature that will enable users to initiate group calls of up to 31 participants.

The report also talks about some minor changes to the calls tab. These features are available for Beta testing in the updated version

Prior to WhatsApp Group Calls of up to 31 participants, WhatsApp gave users the ability to initiate calls of up to 15 participants.

This was an improvement from the earlier limit of seven people. Because of WhatsApp’s commitment to continuous growth and improvement, we are now at 31!

Also in the report, was the suggestion that WhatsApp added some minor tweaks to the calls tab. In particular, call links shall no longer be mentioned within this screen, all it states is that it is possible to call one or more contacts.

Furthermore, the floating action button, an important element in the app design, has been updated to a Plus Icon.

This makes it even more intuitive for participants to start making group calls and connect with their contacts seamlessly.


WhatsApp is dedicated to continually improving its user experience by introducing a good number of engaging features.

WhatsApp Group Calls of up to 31 participants will most definitely improve the user experience on the platform.



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