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Instagram rolling out a Schedule feature for Posts and Reels in the App


Instagram is rolling out a scheduling feature for Posts and Reels in the app. According to the reports, the platform has added this new tool to reward artists for putting so much effort to create reels. This feature will be available in the advanced settings section of the app. Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks used by billions of people from all over the world.

It mainly started as a photo and video-sharing platform. With time the app has enhanced itself with many useful features for a better User experience. Recently the platform has announced its new schedule feature for Posts and Reels in the app. Know all the details about this latest development in the article below.

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Instagram rolling out the Schedule Posts and Reels feature

Instagram is adding more tools for its content creators. From just a photo and video-sharing platform, the app is now also focusing on content and messages. Now you can schedule your Posts, Reels, and photos for up to 75 days on the platform. Though this feature was already available for professional Instagram users in this latest update the company is adding some extra tools to enhance the app.

Along with the schedule Posts and Reels feature the app is reportedly testing one more tool – ‘Achievements’. As per the reports, this feature will enable users to obtain achievements related to taking specific actions while creating a reel. This section will also help creators grow and stay on the platform.

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To create a reel you can participate with other creators, engage their community, and follow trends with popular audio and effects. According to the reports the platform sees great potential in this market, so it is offering such incentives for creators. Whenever you unlock an achievement you will get notified by the app.

You can also keep track of all your Instagram Activity rewards on the platform with these newly added tools. Additionally, the Meta-owned company is also testing many other new features. The company plans to bring some major improvements in its content policies. These changes include protection against hateful messages.

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You can block such accounts. The company will also provide you hidden words feature to automatically remove all unwanted content from the comment section. As per the reports the company aims to attract more users with such initiatives.

The schedule feature for posts and reels and achievements is currently not available to users. However, the company aims to release the features soon in the coming weeks. Till then stay tuned with us for all the latest tech news and other updates.

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