If you play PUBG, then learn these 5 Tips.


There are a lot of people who play pubg. Some people I think don’t play pubg. The game is popular in almost every gaming platform. Whether it is a PC or mobile, this game has become popular in every platform. You can also play this game alone or with friends. If your friend is anywhere, you can play with him sitting at home. To play the game you need to have practice and there are some things that should be taken care of. What I will tell you in this article, 5 such things that you will understand immediately and learn to play pubg very quickly. (PUBG Tips)

1. Firing mode.

Firing mode.

If you play Pubg then you need to keep this in mind. The auto mood is a great option to shoot in close range, but if you are shooting in the far range, then you have a maximum chance that your target can easily be mistaken. But the reason for this is the automatic recoil in the gun. Due to the recoil, the gun does not remain stationary during firing and the bullet does not reach the target directly. In this way, you should always keep changing the fire rate of your gun while checking your shooting range. The most effective combination is the use of Auto-Mode for nearby shooting range and Single-Mode for distance.

2. Do not use the car in the last June.


Do not use the car in the last June.

I told you that if you play the game, play as silent as you can, so if you are in the last June and you are in the last game then do not use that time car. Because if you use a car, then your enemy comes to know that it is here that he can kill you.

3. Location.


In this game you can easily find out the arrival of another player by the sound of walking or running, in this case, we would recommend that you use your headphones as comfortably as possible and so that you can get the sound of an enemy during you You can know immediately if you are firing only when you have a target or your entire team on your target, such a game would be very useful in the last few minutes.

4. Take care of the costume.

Take care of the costume.

There are a lot of costume options for the player inside the pubg game, in this, you can buy some for free and you will spend money to buy something like a t-shirt, jeans, shoes, and many more you will get inside it. Most of the colorful costumes are also in this, so some players think that they look quite tremendous by wearing them. But they forget that in this way the costumes do not help the players hide. Due to the colorful or glowing costume, players are visible to the enemy from a distance. Therefore, the player should try to wear a costume that can hide easily in the forest or somewhere.

5. Drop.


Everyone will know the dropbox. Most players who run after the dropbox have a lot of players who go after it to rob the dropbox. In such a situation, I say that you should stand a little away from the dropbox and let the other team go first as it goes, then you should make it a target when you feel that your path is clear to go. Should go to And if you are with the team, always send a player near the dropbox and if he goes near the dropbox, then keep it covered. If someone kills him, you can kill him.

So if you follow 5 PUBG Tips such things then you can be a winner in pubg. So you should always take care of this thing.

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