Best iOS Feature
Best iOS Feature

Switching from iPhone to Android? Brace yourself for missing out on some key iOS features that continue to elude Android devices. Despite Android’s feature-rich environment, there are distinct functionalities integral to iOS that Android users still yearn for.

Let’s dive into the 11 Best iOS Features That Android Still Doesn’t Have.

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1. AirPlay – The Wireless Streaming Marvel

AirPlay, Apple’s proprietary protocol for seamless audio and video streaming, remains exclusive to iOS.

While Android has third-party alternatives, none match the integrated prowess of AirPlay. Could Google unveil a native solution akin to AirPlay in the future?

2. FaceTime – Video Calls, Apple Style

FaceTime, Apple’s go-to video calling service, is a standout feature with its simplicity and flawless operation.

Android users can join FaceTime calls via the web but lack the native FaceTime app. Will Apple ever extend this service to Android, or will Google’s Duo continue to be the alternative?

3. iMessage – The Chat Ecosystem Dilemma

iMessage, a quintessential part of the Apple experience, poses a challenge for Android adopters.

The seamless chat ecosystem it provides remains unmatched on Android, as third-party alternatives face hurdles in accessing Apple’s servers. Will iMessage’s exclusivity persist indefinitely?

4. Live Text in Videos – A Textual Revolution

Apple’s Live Text feature, expanding beyond photos to videos, is a game-changer for extracting text content. While Google Lens had a similar function, Apple’s integration into videos sets it apart. Android users may miss out unless their device is an iPhone XS, XR, or newer.

5. Visual Lookup – Creative Object Extraction

Visual Lookup on iOS 16 elevates object identification, allowing users to lift subjects from backgrounds. Android’s closest rival, Google Lens, lacks this innovative feature.

Apple’s creativity shines as users enjoy crafting stickers and emotes effortlessly.

6. Check-In – Messages App’s Hidden Gem

iOS 17 introduces Check-In, a discreet but powerful feature in the Messages app for notifying contacts about your location and safety.

Android lacks a comparable built-in feature, leaving users to rely on third-party solutions for such discreet communication.

7. NameDrop – Effortless Contact Sharing

NameDrop, an iOS 17 extension of AirDrop, simplifies sharing contact information with other iPhone users.

Android’s past offering, Android Beam, gradually phased out, leaving a void in effortless contact sharing. Will Android revive a similar feature in the future?

8. Hide My Email With iCloud+ – Privacy at Its Core

Apple’s iCloud+ introduces Hide My Email, a privacy-centric feature absent on Android. While Google provides a VPN service, Android currently lacks a counterpart to Hide My Email.

The ability to use a random email for online registrations while safeguarding personal information remains an iOS exclusive.

9. Shared With You in Messages – Content Organization Mastery

“Shared with You” in Apple’s Messages app intelligently organizes content, ensuring it’s easily accessible across relevant apps.

Android’s Messages app lacks this smart integration, requiring users to manually search for shared content.

10. Focus Filters – Tailoring Focus Mode

Focus mode, present on both Android and iOS, gets an upgrade on Apple devices with Focus filters.

Android’s Focus mode lacks integration with apps, leaving Apple users with a more refined distraction-free experience.

11. Battery Health Check – Transparent Battery Management

iOS users benefit from a built-in Battery Health Check, addressing concerns raised in 2017 about intentional iPhone slowdowns.

Android users rely on third-party apps for similar insights. Will Android implement a native solution for transparent battery health checks?

Wind Up

While the iOS vs. Android debate continues, these distinctive iOS features underscore Apple’s unique offerings.

The comparison extends beyond software, emphasizing the importance of hardware choices for an optimal user experience.

As users navigate this ongoing tug-of-war, the decision ultimately hinges on individual preferences and priorities.

Hope these “11 Best iOS Features That Android Still Doesn’t Have” will help you know the difference between Android and iOS.



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