Mozilla Firefox new Translation feature
Mozilla Firefox new Translation feature

Good news is that Mozilla Firefox added a new version ‘Translation feature‘. Now you can translate anything with the internet also. Its Lock-wise Cross-platform Password Sync App is releasing in December.

This is a means of translation but the interesting part is that you can use it without the internet. Now there is no need for the internet, it can also be done offline. The translation tool works locally and doesn’t confide on the cloud. Below the details are given.

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Mozilla Firefox new Translations feature is available now

Firefox translation is a part of the EU’s project Bergamot which involves the University of Sheffield, the Charles University, the University of Sheffield and the University of Tartu. It is a plugin which is based on neural machine translation tool. In this tool, a person can use a computer to translate the needed input alternatively to send the data centers outside.

This tool can only download some resources while translating a given language but will
essentially perform all the process without sending it to the cloud. The best thing about this is that it can make the whole process private. It doesn’t show anything to the third-party data centers from allowing the content to translate, which is very important and private at times.

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The Mozilla in a blog post, accounted by the Our solution and it was develop a high-level API in few time. It runs around the machine translation engine, porting it to Web Assembly and optimizing the operations for matrices to run efficiently on CPUs. It is also not only developing the translations.

But it can also make add-ons and allows every web page to integrate local machine translation, like in this website, which lets the user perform free form translations without using the cloud.

This translation can now support only 12 languages, which are Spanish, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, German, Icelandic, Italian, Norwegian Bokmål and Nynorsk Persian, Portuguese and Russian. It’s kind of a disadvantage and as compared to Google Translate, is quite less.

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