WhatsApp Major Interface Redesign
WhatsApp Major Interface Redesign

A world-famous real-time messaging platform, Whatsapp, Known for serving the best user experience to people, has come with a new development implementation. WhatsApp is about to introduce a major interface redesign.

In this detailed article guide, we will discuss what changes are coming to WhatsApp’s interface and what we can expect.

New Interface Design Coming to WhatsApp

In the latest Android Beta version of WhatsApp, A significant transformation has taken place.


Enhancing the updated Material Design 3 elements, Interface has been revamped.

The top bar is completely white now and is the most noticeable element of this revamping. While the familiar green shade of WhatsApp’s logo is still there.

Additionally, A new brand font has also been introduced, contributing to the app’s refreshed appearance.

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Chat Filters for Better Organization

One key addition to the redesigned WhatsApp app is chat filters. To help users sort and view conversations quickly, These filters will reside at the top.

Using this filter users can access unread messages, personal chats, and business communications.

Although WhatsApp had introduced a chat filter in the previous Beta version, this filter is an updated one. These filters will become more valuable after the multi-account feature comes in.

Navigation Tweaks and Uncertainties

Apart from these exciting changes, there are still some uncertainties.

While the navigation bar still resides at the bottom in this new design, it’s unclear whether users will be able to swipe between tabs for seamless navigation. Further confirmations are yet to be disclosed.


As WhatsApp has always been putting efforts into providing a better user experience, This major interface redesign will turn things around.

Although some uncertainties are there, WhatsApp will never leave a thing their users won’t like.

WhatsApp is now testing this with  Beta users and planning to roll-out after a successful experiment.

What do you feel, Would users like the new redesigned interface? We are listening to you in the comments below.



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