WhatsApp Testing Sticker Search image credit by hogatoga
WhatsApp Testing Sticker Search image credit by hogatoga

WhatsApp is the most popular messing app in the world. WhatsApp is bringing a new feature testing sticker search. With the help of which chatting on WhatsApp will now be more fun than ever. WhatsApp is testing of this stickers feature is currently happening on beta versions at

All Details of WhatsApp Testing Sticker Search.

WhatsApp has given information about this feature through Twitter wabetainfo. Apart from this, another feature is being tested on the beta version of WhatsApp, after which all the administrators of the WhatsApp group can be placed on top. Information about this feature has also been received from Twitter.

WhatsApp Testing Sticker
WhatsApp Testing Sticker

WhatsApp testing sticker includes many types of stickers, like love, greetings, happy, sad, angry, and celebrate. By using all these stickers, you can make WhatsApp chat even more beautiful. And the most important thing is that only a few WhatsApp users have got the benefit of this feature.

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